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They would teach us in training about what not to say to mislead a potential student by skirting the real issues.
Better communications would let troops act swiftly and with accurate intelligence, skirting creaky hierarchies.
Those skirting off on economic or geopolitical relativity tangents are drawing long-bows from this map.
And so the movie grinds on, diligently skirting every chance to surprise.
Only usually you do a good job of skirting around any phrase that would do anything other than make you look oh so open-minded.
Leave by skirting the westernmost edge of the park and walking south along its border.
Installing skirting of any kind, decorative or load-bearing.
Includes the connection to permanent utilities and placement of skirting and landing decks required by this ordinance.
Materials for skirting shall be those generally used for skirting purposes.
At that time there were concerns about the skirting or underpinning requirement.
Consult a professional arborist and discuss limbing, pruning, or skirting if necessary.
Install skirting around decks and porches to prevent access under structures.
The damage to manufactured homes was usually limited to vinyl siding and skirting.
In addition, this section addresses the installation of escalator index skirting.
Skirting means material used to border the bottom of a dwelling unit to prevent infiltration.
In no cases will metal or vinyl skirting be accepted.
For mobile homes, make sure the skirting is in place.
RD does require that the home have concrete block with stucco or brick instead of skirting.
And the eyes and slender body rest on top of the surface as if the dragonfly were skirting across a pond.
The limited skirting installer is licensed to install skirting on a manufactured home or cabana.

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