skirted in a sentence

Example sentences for skirted

He was not the first westerner that ever burst into those silent sands, but others had only skirted it.
However, the economic and strategic complexities which led to its fall are skirted.
In truth, historians say, he sensibly followed roads that skirted the wasteland.
But some community-watchmen groups have skirted the line, and others may cross it in the future.
The termination insulator shall be of a skirted design, constructed of tracing resistant silicone rubber, dark gray in color.
Tiny lakes are skirted by a puncheon bridge walkway and surrounded by blueberry bushes that turn a blazing scarlet in autumn.
Exhibit space includes one eight-foot skirted table and a chair.
Permanent outdoor magazines must have a substantial foundation or be metal skirted to prevent access underneath the magazine.

Famous quotes containing the word skirted

I skirted the margin alders for miles and miles In a sweeping line. The day was the day by every flower tha... more
Of all these bounds, even from this line to this, With shadowy forests and with champains riched, With plenteous rivers ... more
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