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But first he stopped at home to change into a skirt.
The stretchy material makes it easy to get in and out of the skirt.
Pair this crowd-pleaser with grilled skirt steak and chili beans for a complete feast.
Last fall, anyone with an ounce of fashion had to have a long skirt.
They are well seasoned in trying to avert attention and skirt details.
We've developed a quality option for folks looking for a skirt to fit recreational kayaks.
Tuck lamium or a similar variegated plant between the cyclamen to add a lacy skirt of frosty-looking greenery.
The bottom is encircled by a long skirt of tinfoil, which hooks up to the ground wire.
The government may make some progress on social policy, but will skirt issues that could stir up sectarian disputes.
Fold-down straps and top morph this comfortable dress into a causal skirt ideal for travel.
Update an antique hutch or built-in buffet with a fresh coat of paint and a pretty fabric skirt.
Airlines have been leaping into bed with each other as never before in order to skirt rigid regulation.
She is wearing a pink, ankle-length pencil skirt and matching jacket.
Drug firms are starting to use more sophisticated techniques than a short skirt and a smile to peddle their pills.
Sometimes a skirt or lightweight cotton pants with a simple top or a tank with a cardigan.
It could be jeans, it could be a suit, it could be a skirt.
Occasionally a skirt giving more freedom of movement showed the way forward for these bottom halves.
It was ill-fated legal jockeying to skirt the immunity legislation.
When she orders a tailor-made suit, she calls it a costume or a coat-and-skirt.
Others are tempted to skirt the truth when asked why they left a job or if they have past criminal convictions.
The pockets are good sizes, and the skirt it useful for stopping the wind and losing heat.
The storm hood and powder skirt can be fully removed for supreme customization as the conditions demand.
Pack clothing that does double-duty: a sarong can be a skirt and beach cover-up.
She twists and dips, raising a ruffled skirt to reveal a dainty foot slipped into a backless shoe.
Her skirt was of voluminous white, puffed and trimmed in wondrous sort.
Their length made her lacy yellow skirt seem even shorter.
These, as well, skirt the impossible and had to be rewritten twenty years later to make them more accessible.
Facts used to be scarce on the ground anyway, so it was easy to skirt or ignore them while constructing an argument.
It's a difficult song, she remembered all the lyrics, and she didn't wink or twirl her skirt at the end.
Rourke is wearing multicolored shorts so oversize that they appear to be a skirt.
Second-row seats fold and flip for access to the back, but don't attempt entry in a skirt or carrying a cane.
There's a pair of slacks or a skirt with lightweight, wrinkle-resistant tops that she can mix and match.
It had clean lines, a simple chiffon skirt and illusion sleeves.
She often appears at the end of her shows in a dirndl or pleated skirt with high heels and a cardigan.
The yellow cotton skirt with the big patch pockets and the hand detail around the hem.
The skirt is minimal, a simple row of flaps attached to the bodice.
The sirloin, skirt steak and soft, flavorful short ribs also made a good showing.
The skirt was simply cut and had a zipper in the back.
The fabric of service dress coats should match that of the skirt or slacks.
Provide a skirt guard pocket arranged to protect the skirt in the down position.
It has an aluminum aft skirt, which provides structural support for the vehicle.

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