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From that time forward there had been a skirmish or a fight almost every day.
Commission officials were aghast at having to fight yet another skirmish.
They were frontline troops in an important skirmish.
The skirmish promptly threatened to become a full-scale trade war.
It was a reminder that a small skirmish in these borderlands could spark a global showdown.
Everyone has a fragmentary insight into how the skirmish unfolded.
Getting into a skirmish can take more time than the actual skirmish does.
The latest skirmish is over social policies and their finance.
The skirmish may appear small, but it has important ramifications.
It is also a skirmish in the longer war for the survival of the two big political parties.
The chances of some sort of armed skirmish have risen.
Peeking into the diary of one's big sister typically led to a skirmish.
The skirmish was not the first of its kind, nor will it be the last.
Apple refused to pay up, which triggered the first big legal skirmish over smart-phones.
The movie opens with two bands from different villages getting into a skirmish while hunting.
In military terms, it was barely a skirmish, but the incident electrified the nation.
We worked with the utmost industry, special attention being given by each troop-commander to skirmish-drill in the woods.
The broken bridge was a capital spot for a skirmish.
One alert in the rally and skirmish, clever to parry and foin and spar.
Mistaking a skirmish for the entire war, she quickly slid back into her old drinking habits.
It doesn't seem as if the skirmish will let up anytime soon, however.
After the skirmish, the rookie has become a seasoned officer prepared to take his duties seriously.
Defensive back suffers stab wound in night club skirmish.
Seventeen of them dismounted and formed a skirmish line.
But even more important is the question of the political and military alliances that emerged as a result of this skirmish.
He was killed in a small skirmish not two weeks after he had arrived.
Skirmish sites, saltpeter caves, and other tangible reminders of the war period can be identified along the river.

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