skipping in a sentence

Example sentences for skipping

It could mean skipping meals, or going without food for an entire day.
The prisoner trails behind, his head bowed, bootlaces skipping along the ground.
Try to conduct an interview while skipping one of the steps.
One brave shot a musket ball across their bow, skipping it over the water.
However high relative motions introduce non synchronous frame skipping and red shifts.
Cyclical motions of suns, planets and galaxies introduce space frame skipping at their centers with respect to the peripheries.
The quantum jumps introduce relative space frame skipping consistent with relativity effects.
Once again, skipping the folks who might know what they're talking about to comment, then learn.
If only corn could reproduce by skipping pollination altogether and cloning itself.
She had committed suicide, after an argument with her parents about skipping school.
But it's convenient to have one main account, so you can search for old messages or attachments without skipping around.
She found herself skipping his military dissertations, which were still as long and written in as handsome a hand as ever.
Only film, a few frames of you skipping, a few seconds.
By skipping the placebos and continuing to take real pills straight through the month, you can avoid bleeding.
Its resilience during the global downturn was in part caused by its skipping the pre-crisis trade boom.
They grab food when they can, skipping many meals and gorging at unorthodox times.
Start by filling in the key word skipping duplicate letters.
The group will meet five times a year, skipping the summer months.
As a result, more and more high profile celebrities are skipping the red carpets altogether.

Famous quotes containing the word skipping

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