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Example sentences for skipped

She is so intelligent that she skipped grades all the way up to her senior year in high school.
During the following years, she never skipped an opportunity to go climbing.
Apparently, m ward skipped over the first question in the article.
He even skipped a faculty retreat because he knew she would be there.
Unfortunately, sometimes there are so many things that are important and cannot be skipped that working hours can get out of hand.
Either you skipped the day when they taught the scientific method or you are a liar.
Hence, sleep is not only rest but much more an active process that cannot be skipped.
Lunch is an often neglected meal of the day: sometimes skipped, many times hastily consumed, lunch is often over before it begins.
Atomic space frames are either whole or skipped altogether.
They are easily skipped and ignored by the general audience.
We awe the authors an explanation why they did skipped referring all these names.
Advertising veers up and down with the economic cycle, and can be skipped by using digital video recorders.
Then, the window seats in the skipped rows are filled in on each side.
It is a pity that they seem to have skipped the copy-editing.
After all, this was one of the few rich countries that skipped the global house-price boom.
Without press, without independent media environment laws are skipped and also labor health laws.
He got so interested in tinkering with them that he skipped out on his apprenticeship.
She skipped school because she was too emotionally distraught.
Ironically, it appears that these scientists skipped the vetting precisely because the results were so important.
He skipped the gradual team building and rebuilding.
But it's worth saying something that often gets skipped past in the political handicapping.
If academic journals skipped that needless step of providing a print version of their journals, they could stop this cycle.
Nothing to be skipped over in the name of some misguided intellectual social-climbing.
All those other predictors that were skipped need to be declared.
The ball struck the roof of an external batting cage and skipped out of view.
It leaped clear of the water and rocketed through the air, then skipped once off the surface and disappeared.
Most days he skipped school, preferring to play video games.
Seems a planetary protection, anti-contamination measure was skipped during production of a set of drill bits for the rover.
There are plenty of astronomy posts, this blog is still primarily about astronomy, and the posts that aren't are easily skipped.
In the previous two seasons, she skipped several events and hinted that she might retire and start a family.

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