skintight in a sentence

Example sentences for skintight

Flashy capes and skintight garments are the usual accouterments of comic book superheroes.
Above, a model poses in a skintight space suit designed to protect astronauts but be more flexible.
But the skintight material never budged past my knees.
Fats find it difficult to keep this skintight so these bulges out and it usually is seen in teens.
Fats aren't able to keep much of our skintight consequently these bulges out and in many cases it usually is seen inside teens.
He is shirtless and wearing skintight leather jeans.
Pam is more about skintight latex outfits than going in the buff.
Her taut, slender body was encased in skintight white jeans and a pastel silk halter top.
The thought of wearing a skintight swimsuit in public makes many people cringe.
In one of his last appearances, his trademark skintight pants split open.
In general, skirts are not only short, they are skintight.
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