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Example sentences for skinny

Here's the summertime skinny-plus three more ski towns that look pretty great in shorts too.
His tales include skinny-dipping, nearly getting arrested and plenty of beer.
At the heliport there were no skinny forearms, apart from mine.
Unfortunately, the proteins in the frog's skinny legs would do the same thing.
But there the cops were, spending my money to chase down harmless skinny-dippers and dune-canoodlers.
He pretty much makes the same thing every time--some short, fitted jacked with some kind of frill on it and skinny pants.
They are painfully skinny, and their clothes are in tatters.
Which by itself would be neither interesting nor relevant if it weren't for all the skinny people around him.
And it is this deception that results in many frozen yogurt fanatics reaching for their sweats instead of skinny jeans.
We tell people that big is beautiful and worry about eating disorders and people thinking they're not skinny enough.
The extraction of the fossil fuel should had already gotten rid of all those poor skinny people.
They maybe skinny, but that is not the same as healthy.
So you smug sanctimonious skinny guys are dying as well.
Now, after getting a tip-off, he had come to the docks to meet an anonymous informant who claimed to have the skinny on the thief.
The chicken was paired with a gummy wad of skinny noodles and some carrot slivers.
My best friend's, skinny as a rail, husband was diagnosed with it last year.
What bothers me is how skinny actresses feel they have to be for acceptance.
Skinny doctors often struggle ever single day to maintain.
Skinny or fat, smelly or poisonous, there are many kinds of frogs.
Get the skinny on aging and learn how old cells, free radicals, and cutting back on food affects longevity.
He is skinny and poor, and he has only two teeth left in his head.
Note the great hump, the lolling mound of fat that sways with each step of the skinny legs.
It's about a bunch of guys skinny-dipping together before they have to say good-bye.
In the nineteenth century, ballerinas were scolded for being too skinny.
He has a slight build, skinny arms and legs, and a head almost too big for his body.
Visually, lines work less as demarcations of the surface than as skinny shapes wriggling atop it.
Their skinny pale arms pressed their books to their chests as they scurried along in full skirts and white bobby socks.
Wasps tend to be skinny and sleek to help them catch their prey.
Most have limestone surfaces which pack down to make for good riding for skinny-tired as well as mountain bikes.
Above ground, these skinny little vines will form a mat.
Roasted potatoes and bright skinny green beans make great accompaniments to the duck.
If you're looking to lose weight, here's a simple tip: don't dine with the skinny dude who stuffs his face.
In fact, it's more than a diet--when skinny people are on it.

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