skimpy in a sentence

Example sentences for skimpy

And a layer that skimpy would likely be worn away by ordinary chewing.
Apparently, according to a new study, the literature on whether vacations actually make us feel better is kind of skimpy.
And his discussion of economics is skimpy and clich├ęd.
More sober minds suggested the box was a clock or a navigational device, but even those interpretations rested on skimpy evidence.
Not incidentally, he also improves any skimpy eyebrows, plump thighs or detectable pores.
It seemed the recruits were poor students who could not exist solely on skimpy financial grants from a work-study program.
Her tight panties and skimpy top are soaked and revealing.
Styron's publishing credits, though distinguished, are somewhat skimpy.
The real barriers here are the costs facing low-income people without insurance or with skimpy coverage.
Officials want tourists in skimpy beach wear to put on some clothes before parading down city streets.
She frantically tugged at the sheets and her skimpy hospital gown.
The free park brochure is skimpy but opens into a useful map.
Others wore more updated-looking skimpy halter tops and microscopic skirts with their rabbit ears.
When the pavement becomes skimpy and bone-rattling, you know you're getting close.
Nursing home survival plans are so skimpy and have such little oversight that many frail and elderly people could be stranded.
The report is generally too skimpy on specific details.
Avoid skimpy shingle coverage and heavy building papers.
No skimpy, suggestive or see through clothing will be permitted at any time while inside the facility.
We will not infer from this skimpy record that the trial court intended its action to effectively result in two distinct lawsuits.
He said condos are typically skimpy with space in the back.
Tracking the blue whale around the world: computer darts enhance once-skimpy knowledge.
However, be careful not to jeopardize the quality of results with a too-skimpy budget.
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