skimmed in a sentence

Example sentences for skimmed

People used olive oil rather than soap to wash, so the water needed to be periodically skimmed by servants.
Within the flask, the oil gradually rose into the neck of the flask and was skimmed off with a small funnel.
The room filled with pale light the color of skimmed milk.
The fibers then float to the top and are skimmed off so they can be used to make new paper products.
Terns, dowitchers, and a pair of oystercatchers skimmed by.
The storyteller sank into the snow while her sister and the guide skimmed ahead.
Has skimmed some pretty sharp rocks and taken them in stride with little sign of abrasion.
Transfer the mixture to a pot and add the skimmed stock plus an equal amount of water.
We skimmed the text for gardens that promised something in addition to roaring, robust plant life.
Shoddy rubble-wall construction was skimmed with a thin layer of concrete.
One electrode generates tiny hydrogen bubbles that carry the coagulated grime to the surface, where it can be skimmed off.
They are trying new algae that excretes the oil it has created so it can be skimmed off the top as it is created.
Although the article touched on important aspects of global transition, it skimmed over agriculture.
If seven typesettings are overlooked, those few that were seen may have been only skimmed.
The employee had paid for the house in cash, skimmed off of the organization.
It's as if they merely skimmed the article and formed an opinion without actually perusing the piece.
The ocean is a place that has been only skimmed over by each civilization and many of its regions are left unexplored.
And whether the milk is skimmed, partly skimmed or whole may have no effect on the amount of fat in the finished cheese.
He skimmed the surface, without ever really exploring or grasping the issues.
The newly created cards were then used to make unauthorized withdrawals from the skimmed accounts.
Both defendants admitted to secretly maintaining a second set of books that recorded the skimmed receipts and cash wages.
Oil skimmed from an aqueous cleaning solution can be managed as used oil and recycled.

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