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Remove pan from oven, skim fat, and turn ribs meat side up.
Below are a set of images from the supplements, and you can skim them quickly.
Remove bouquet garni and skim any fat from surface of stew.
New skim milk and low-fat milk and cream products contain something called palmitate.
Late in the day, two hot-air balloons skim the dusky sky.
Skim through the comments, however, and you come across an interesting counter argument.
Reduce the heat and skim off the foam with slotted spoon.
Then they skim off wafers of silicon, the platforms for photovoltaic solar modules.
Frankly the first skim through was a little daunting.
The recipe even works with skim milk, if not quite as brilliantly.
District officials do dodgy deals and skim off building projects.
So after you read the story, skim down to see what it is.
The machines also have an audit log to help catch insiders who might skim proceeds.
Skim off excess fat, transfer to a food processor, and pulse until smooth.
He would be sure to return it in a fortnight after taking a skim.
You've got to go look at any book that might have useful information and skim the chapters, index and text.
The militants also skim money off government contracts, especially road-building.
The entire show is fascinating background listening, but there's also a transcript if you want to skim the interview.
Work through the material and exercises, don't skim it.
It makes sense to skim whatever is possible off tourists while the going is good.
Oil field traffic hurried out on a web of roads, seeming to skim along on a silver-rimmed mirage.
Go ahead and skim the questions for words you recognize, then reply with whatever facts that you have at hand.
Some of these comments suggest that there are those that simply skim the article then rush to make comments.
And as far as the government skimming off the top, if it weren't for the cities, there would be no top to skim off.
Now you can skim through stories online that were originally censored.
Read the newspaper, attend relevant seminars, skim relevant journals.
They can haggle better with the middlemen, who have tended to skim a huge proportion of rural revenue.
Club soda and skim milk make excellent floor polishes, especially for wood floors.
Those who pursue your candidacy and want to skim or read your work will only have to go to one site.
Safe and effective slimming pills would allow pharmaceutical firms to skim off much of this financial fat.
Having so many eyes may help the box jellyfish skim the ocean floor without bumping into rocks.
After all, this is where the rich skim off their money.
Then tell students to skim the pages of the story, paying special attention to the photos and captions.
Managers, skim off the top and never have to pay back.
Before reading, give students a few minutes to skim the article and circle unfamiliar words.
Swift and graceful they skim in from nearby resorts to city piers.
Skim papers from two or three top conferences in my field.
Then abruptly, almost at the waterline, the car seems to skim right across the top of the waves.
Strain the broth into a clean kettle, discarding the solids, and skim off all fat from the top.
Overnight a northerly wind put a new skim of ice on puddles and ponds.
If you omit the butter, skim off the foam before ladling jam or jelly into jars.
Cheese is made from skim milk, milk plus cream, or cream.
It was no longer enough, the new novelists argued and felt, to skim rosy surfaces.
The captain directed his boat past shrimp trawlers going out to sea, presumably to skim the oil in waters beyond the coastline.
But if you happen to get one, you can soothe a sunburn by mixing one cup skim milk with four cups water and a few ice cubes.
Youthful imagination can skim over technological gaps, with no need for fancy mockups.
Shrimp boats are already equipped to be able to skim the water.
If you are too impatient to listen for an hour, you can also skim the transcript.
He had absolutely no scruples about selling anything to anybody as long as he could skim a percentage of the sale.
His book requires some persistence and a little skim-reading.
In effect, they skim off the top of genuinely created wealth without actually putting it to any discernible use.
Even milk in morning coffee is supposed to be skim-though two scrambled eggs do somehow sneak into this diet.
If using stock right away, skim off and discard any fat.
Strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a heatproof measuring cup, then skim off excess fat.
Skim off and discard fat from sauce, then boil until slightly thickened.
If using stock right away, skim off and discard fat.
Let cooking liquid stand briefly, then skim fat from top.
The others simply skim the fat off the juices with a large, shallow spoon after the juices have been strained.
Those who are dieting usually prefer skim milk, those wishing to gain add cream to whole milk.
Plus, it's always easier to lift solidified fat from a chilled stock than it is to skim it off a hot one.
When ready to serve, skim off the fat, reheat and serve.
Ask for skim milk instead, and you'll never notice the difference.
Managers can skim a little off the top, and the waiters never see it.
Some oil operators still continue to use colored flagging at oil production skim pits and reserve pits.
The skim pile fluid level built up to the high liquid level shut-in device which failed to operate because of a damaged float.
But other skim milk drinkers secretly long for a creamier drink.

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