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Example sentences for skillful

They are skillful hunters that stalk their prey on the ground and from branches of trees.
The cute little creature requires a lot of ingenuity to foil because he is persistent, intelligent, and skillful.
Depending upon how sophisticated and skillful you are, you can ape the mannerisms of a famous author as an inside joke.
The error is in using speculative happy thoughts related to the crisis as examples of skillful redirection.
Remember, even the skillful can lose, so marbles also teach about calculating risks and when to take chances.
Skillful liars try to mimic honesty, as the article suggests.
Much of our current food, such as corn, comes from some skillful breeding and selection done long ago.
He was a regular reader of biographies and, he knew, a skillful writer.
Disreputable developers, environmental devastation, overwrought characters and skillful farce.
He has a strong work ethic, is a great teacher of the game and is skillful at relating to his players.
It's going to take a skillful story-teller to pull this off.
And without the skillful help they needed, these fine chefs could not be persuaded to stay at a job.
It was obvious to everyone that the old-timers survived because they were more skillful.
They combine an acute sense of history with a skillful use of statistics.
But with skillful leadership modest change may now be possible.
Wright is a skillful writer and he knows how to keep a story moving.
One theme that emerged from the panel was that skillful use of science could make stories better.
By training the left hand and arm to be as skillful as the right one's powers are said to be more than doubled.
With their interpretive powers, skillful contextualization and artful writing, they place the campaign in the arc of history.
Sadly, you are an intentional and skillful deceiver.
Keep in mind that for hospitalization or skillful long-term treatment, you'll probably need to go off campus anyway.
Along the way discover skillful stone masonry, remarkably well-preserved wood roofing and original mortar in some walls.
Skillful conflict management creates cooperation, consensus building, and stronger relationships.

Famous quotes containing the word skillful

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