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Many were highly skilled machine operators in the textile industry.
Other discoveries reveal how skilled the early humans were.
He was a maestro of the laboratory, skilled in improving apparatuses and devising experiments.
Chronic problems include a shortage of skilled labor and a deficient infrastructure.
The empty canoes ran the rapids without mishap, each with two skilled paddlers.
The princess, skilled in the art of surgery, would not suffer any one but herself to touch her beloved husband.
The labor of the country was not skilled, nor allowed to become so.
There is a huge gap in the need for skilled workers, and those students who are preparing for that work.
The expansion of this system is considered vital for a nation in desperate need of skilled workers.
The low standard of education, for one thing, results in a dearth of skilled workers for what is a rapidly growing economy.
He sees a wave of retirements coming in manufacturing without a pipeline of highly skilled workers to replace them.
In particular, older faculty members perceive themselves to be less technically skilled than their younger colleagues.
The less prepared need the time and attention of highly skilled teachers who know how to teach them how to learn.
On the other side are employers who have jobs they can't fill because they're unable to find skilled workers.
Employers depend on us to deliver the highly skilled employees they need to compete and grow in the future.
For the countries and universities that offer such programs, it can deliver revenues and skilled researchers.
In all of those settings, being skilled at public speaking is obviously a benefit.
It's even possible to find temp agencies that place skilled writers and researchers.
Meeting the basic requirements of life does not require a high power job or a highly skilled career.
Similarly, there will be a demand for highly trained, skilled craftsmen and operators both nationally and worldwide.
Fifty-four novice student golfers were trained, under various conditions, to become highly skilled.
One can see this motion in its extremest form in speed skating, but it is true in all skilled skating, both forward and back.
Still, there is something darkly fascinating about those skilled in verbal legerdemain.
It's one of the jobs of a skilled scientific illustrator to cull the visual chaff and focus attention on the subject at hand.
Multiple options for recycling, reuse and remanufacturing of materials, along with skilled people for those activities.
He was by profession a skilled commercial illustrator and by avocation a highly regarded amateur astronomer.
As a result, younger chimpanzees are not as skilled at it, which means they red colobus may yet have another chance in the area.
It is troubling that scientifically skilled persons keep on alluding to evidence which is not there.
And those supremely skilled athletes are the only ones who can really take advantage of that technology.
Skilled engineers likely called the shots, directing teams of impoverished local laborers.
That's not to say that an individual construction worker will make less as he or she becomes more skilled-the opposite is true.
The large-scale migration of less-skilled workers has done harm to the economic opportunities of less-skilled natives.
High-skilled workers with jobs that cannot be off-shored or automated are being paid more compared with low-skilled workers.
That's good for lab coats who need funding and low-skilled folks who need work.
People skilled in avoiding taxes would likely also decline to publicize their tax information.
Realizing that we're not all skilled billiard players is the first step.
The old diners and hamburger stands relied on skilled short-order cooks.
He liked the camaraderie of an army of intensely skilled people working on tight production schedules at breakneck speed.
Led by skilled facilitators, the entire group can engage in debate about what courses of action to take.
Technology changes the shares of income for the skilled vs unskilled, for superstars vs the rest, and for capital vs labor.
And no matter how skilled and well-intentioned, the writer will fail.
On top of this, the rate of return to these physically-skilled jobs has declined.
Skilled readers look for words or phrases that seem significant, such as those that tell the reader the main point of the text.
She also is a skilled fundraiser with an extremely savvy campaign organization that is the envy of many in the political world.
Commercial companies use guides that are highly skilled and familiar with the river.
But skilled people will continue to leave, and poor countries therefore need to devise ways to draw on their experience abroad.
Developed economies' comparative advantage is in knowledge-intensive activities, because they have so much skilled labour.
All this suggests that the consequences of skilled emigration are difficult to calculate, even if they are not negligible.
Strong productivity growth has been achieved partly through the elimination of many mid-skilled jobs.
And the country still suffers skilled-labour bottlenecks.
While it battles with the old guard, the company needs to worry about what will happen to its younger skilled workers.
Most governments are easing restrictions on the entry of skilled workers.
Around the world, unemployment is high yet skilled and talented people are in short supply.
Yet there is evidence that migrant workers have exerted downward pressure on wages in some low-skilled sectors.
Inequality is often blamed on globalisation, which some argue has helped to depress the wages of the lower skilled.
The city's labour pool tends to be highly-skilled, and the impact of the recession was mostly felt by the lower-skilled.
There is a shortage of skilled engineers, skilled tradesman, skilled craftsman of all sorts.
The problem is, unskilled jobs are disproportionately being replaced by skilled jobs.
Emerging-market firms find it easier to do business, to raise finance and to find skilled workers in the rich world.
In some countries, companies expect to lose a fifth of their highly skilled staff every year.
The net impact is still to depress the wages of low-skilled workers.
The tech industry is also concerned about the difficulty of importing skilled labour.
Many felt it was literally the end of the road for this highly skilled tribe.
They may appear sedentary, but they are skilled tree-climbers and efficient swimmers.
Discover what kittens and cubs acquire before they're even born that equips them to be skilled predators when they're grown up.
Tell students that since they are now skilled at identifying the continents, you will need their help.
We provide highly skilled mountain guides who adhere to the highest safety standards and limit group size to eight guests.
Gamelan makers are specialized, highly skilled and revered craftsmen who fashion and tune the instruments they produce.
It's not for the fainthearted-or the moderately skilled.
The skilled engineers and mechanics must turn their rough dance into a ballet.
Not to say that some of the crew weren't skilled and experienced.
Pairing thrillingly skilled performers with a party band, this touring show pretty.
For all the self-conscious spectacle, the staff is highly skilled and courteous, if precocious.
It is unpretentious, its chefs and waiters are despotic and opinionated but highly skilled.
Most of the quilts shown are by skilled seamstresses, for plantation owners, as personal quilts did not survive.
None, in any field but the literary, would call him skilled.
Definitive exclusions are easily obtained by those skilled in the art.
Although skilled at team sports, he preferred the decidedly less cool cycling club.
Gore had always been a determined campaigner and a skilled debater.
Bush is skilled at surrounding himself with others who will draw the heat away from him.
Those guys were fantastically skilled and did incredibly risky work.
Generally there are two people at a machine, one a skilled worker, one an apprentice.
Every orchid or rose or lizard or snake is the work of a dedicated and skilled breeder.
But skilled professionals showed distinct left-hemisphere activation while performing the same tasks.
In war, they were experts in espionage, so skilled that opposing tribes competed to make mercenaries of them.
Astronomers can be skilled observers and also expert in the theory of what they are observing.
Elite cricket players did a much better job than less skilled ones at anticipating the outcome of a pitch.
In the last decade, researchers have become increasingly skilled at detecting and interpreting brain signals.
When this happens he'll need full time skilled nursing.
When the same problems are placed in a proper argumentative setting, people turn out to be skilled arguers.
Novel ideas among highly skilled researchers were not the limiting reagent.
As the troupe became increasingly skilled, they began to discern the clever design of the armor.
We may actually slide backwards in terms of highly skilled people available to undertake big projects.
Those ticket prices will pay for some pretty skilled positions.
The bits of the brain that process sounds are much larger in skilled musicians.
But natural selection is a more skilled mathematician because it has had millions of years in which to do the calculation.
Soon they'll have to import all their skilled and menial labor into the country.
Successful careers can start at a vocational or trade school where you can pick up training for a variety of skilled jobs.
On the serious side, mascots need to be athletic, able to follow a script and skilled at choreographing routines.
They also come to be reunited with family members and to offer their services as high- and low-skilled workers.
Skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services provided on a continuous, daily basis, in a skilled nursing facility.

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