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They're missing the true nature of skill and talent.
Increasing the ability to control attention when you want to is an important skill, and has a place in psychological research.
It's a different skill and you have to go back to square one and learn it.
The integrity of the product and the skill of the distiller are second to none.
So did his skill as a playwright, though none of his dramas survive.
Asking others for help to better understand something is an important skill, but so is knowing who to ask.
That's a skill, a critical-thinking capacity, which is important no matter what the medium.
Eager to secure a foothold and capitalize on low wages and high levels of skill, foreign firms rushed in.
As local people develop pride and skill in showing off their locale, tourists get more out of their visit.
While hyenas are known as scavengers, they also possess great intelligence and skill on the hunt.
The cats' skill in killing them may have first earned the affectionate attention of humans.
Anticipation is a skill that all great photographers draw on when searching for the right moment to press the shutter.
It is theatrical skill, not an artistic conscience arranging emotions, that holds the two parts together.
Lavishly talented as both a storyteller and a prose stylist, he is notable for his skill and his fertility.
It's somewhat of a skill to stay cordial with each other in a disagreement.
They hadn't developed the skill because they hadn't experienced or witnessed it sufficiently themselves.
His is a rage mediated by artistic skill and an eye for vivid, objectifying detail.
But the eye adjusts and eventually is bored, despite the surfeit of thought, skill and art-historical asides.
But this skill is only marginally related to the skill of being sensitive to context.
It takes a unique skill set and the right equipment to produce a stunning image of another planet or even another galaxy.
Soccer's known for low-scoring games, which makes it difficult to find an objective means of measuring the skill of top players.
Perhaps there is some truth to cognitive skill in languages, and this may manifest itself in my preference for the poetic.
In addition to the skill and experience of the staff, there is also an environment of dedication and caring that is remarkable.
The skill sets for these other operating systems are far fewer and harder to find in potential employees.
That's a skill that isn't really targeted by traditional teaching methods, and in fact, it is often discouraged.
The key skill required in reducing and eliminating migraines is thought management.
Such people may not have the skill or time to optimize their site's performance themselves.
The conventional wisdom is that everyone needs to go to college to be trained for a high skill job.
It designed for maximum freedom and expression and requires specialized skill to operate.
Both involve about as much skill as betting on coin flips.
Rich countries have more of the former, so specialise in traded goods with a high skill content.
Map-reading is a rare skill, and not one that is encouraged by a government obsessed by cartographic secrecy.
Few doubt that it will use all its skill and muscle to reduce prices and woo shoppers.
It is a rare skill for a doctor to be able to communicate this rich sensorium in writing.
The hotshots who run hedge funds also have some skill to offer, academic research suggests.
Since then, however, the skill-level of metropolitan areas has diverged.
Clients can test a lawyer's skill before opening their wallets.
But the skill of choosing the right ones to focus on at the right time is rare.
They do so because top professionals expect to be paid in accordance with their skill levels and competency.
It's a slot-machine-style game, which means there's absolutely nothing for you to do, no skill involved whatsoever.
And since the game is cooperative, people of all skill levels can play together, whether in the same room or online.
Meanwhile, all of the money, attention and technological skill is marching in the opposite direction.
Even sleep-a challenge to self-track, obviously, since you're unconscious-is yielding to the skill of the widget maker.
Programming was a technical skill that could be done a right way or a wrong way.
We often talk about the goal of college as learning a specific skill or growing intellectually.
These grants, hopefully, will give rise to courses and programs that create skill sets needed for growth of the economy.
It's better for them to learn this skill in college, before they enter the workforce.
There is a different job function, and as such, a different skill set may required to be successful.
Online and on-campus courses are different animals that require different skill sets of both the instructors and the students.
Making distinctions among information resources is a skill and habit to be taught and learned.
But if you lack one crucial skill, you still may get lousy medical care.
The offense isn't deep and needs an entirely new offensive line, but the starters at the skill positions are set.
How much you can make depends on your skill and experience.
If you excelled in your pharmacy school study group, then teaching is a valuable component of your skill set.
And, more darkly, computer advances suggest these redoubts of human skill will sooner or later fall to machines.
He discovered how to make the cycle hop, and he honed the skill until he could pop over logs two feet in diameter.
Our goal is to promote and highlight people who are genuine and have a skill that others might learn from.
It is skill in weaving sounds, rather than voice production, which determines the quality of the singer.
Most of them involve great acquired skill, expensive training, or intense personal instruction.
But manual skill alone, no matter how advanced, will never enable anyone to be a neurosurgeon.
Cook had neither a trained celestial navigator nor the skill to make the observations himself.
The other half will be much lower-paying, low-skill work in the routine service sector of the economy.
Agree or disagree on his deserving the award, but reasonable people have to note the skill with which he used this opportunity.
Because their productivity and skill sets more than offset their higher costs.
All this had to be done with care, but did not require great skill, which facilitated the printing of books.
For it would demand the kind of political creativity, boldness, and skill that have been disastrously in short supply.
Some of these patients, he says, spontaneously develop both interest and skill in art and music.
For a mindless organism, the slime mould's skill at creating efficient networks is extraordinary.
Good equipment still needs good setup and good operation which require skill and experience.
He then told me that his skill was in relieving back pain, not in curing illness.
The females judge him on his skill as a performer, builder and decorator.
Advocacy is not merely a skill but practically a vocation.
Part of the process of formal study is to develop the skill of critical thinking.
But seriously, fantastic essay, your skill at making esoteric physics understandable is unmatched.

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