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Example sentences for skilful

One skilful strike from his opponent, and his chances of fathering the next generation could painfully disappear.
His reign was characterised by a combination of skilful foreign policy and ruthless suppression of domestic dissent.
What makes these creations so winning is their exuberance not skilful mastery of technique or sophisticated drawing.
His skilful turn of phrase instantly draws the scene.
Often, the search for a skilful manager turns out to be a wild-golden-goose chase.
It was the first war to be brought by television-and a skilful propaganda machine-into rich-country homes almost daily.
These are skilful works with impressionistic brush-strokes and rich impasto.
But with his government mired in corruption and oil revenue dwindling fast, his skilful juggling has become trickier to sustain.
The guerrillas have a skilful leader, some useful exiles abroad and foreign friends who lend support.
Skilful manipulation of the control panel delivers a near-infinite combination of washing and drying experiences.
But to become skilful at sea will not easily be acquired by them.
He was skilful enough to have lived still, if knowledge could be set up against mortality.
It is a skilful and merciless dissection of the whole of human nature.
He is shown to have been a skilful geographer and an interested, if not a scholarly, student of history.
Three-eyes was not more skilful, and might search as she liked, but the golden apples always escaped her.

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