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Your boat taxi will ferry you and your gear to shore in a small open skiff.
Step aboard a small exposed skiff for an incredibly diverse day of fishing.
They were sculling upstream in their small live-aboard skiff as our riverboat steamed down.
It can be difficult for pirates to board a moving ship from a skiff using grappling hooks and ladders.
Our swimming combined with the paddling efforts of those on the skiff eventually reunited us.
And finally he caught the fish and lashed it to the side of his skiff only to spend his return voyage fighting off sharks.
Commercial sardine fishing vessel getting ready to launch skiff with the net.
Over the years, he made some subtle but important changes to the skiff's design to meet the changing needs of lifeguards.
The skiff is brought around so that the seine makes a half circle with the skiff on one end and the vessel on the other end.
We rent skiff boats and they take that four hours or eight hours all day.
To avoid alerting the otters to their presence, they anchored up the skiff behind a headland and quickly suited up.
If beaching a small skiff, always pull it above the high tide line and be aware of what the next high tide level will be.
During the repairs, his skiff broke loose from the harvesting vessel and began to drift in rough waters.
Avoid going out in conditions that exceed the safe operating limits of the skiff.
If beaching a small skiff or kayak, always pull it above the high tide line and be aware of the next high tide level.
Also, a life saving skiff must be immediately available.

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Two men in a skiff, whom we passed hereabouts, floating buoyantly amid the reflections of the trees, like a... more
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