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When skies are blue, shoot toward the sun-backlight makes individual blooms really pop.
The principle is that night-time temperatures are usually much lower when skies are clear than when they're cloudy.
Here's to high blue skies and making hay while the sun is rolling through the heavens.
There were lots of parents and kids on the sidewalks, watching on a warm day with clear blue skies.
They didn't notice the darkening skies, the thunder and lightning.
One archaeoastronomer suggests that a new supernova in the ancient skies may have pointed the way.
He kept a fishing tackle box full of cloud negatives for enlivening lackluster skies.
For those of us who look to the skies, two major releases compel attention.
He has a taste for lowering gray skies and dark roads barely penetrated by sparse headlights.
But it seems they are thriving in the age of dusky noonday skies and counterfeit beef.
Dull skies, a sullen ocean, squat white prison buildings-it's a landscape of emotional devastation.
The statistics can be misleading: in places where rain falls copiously and evenly from the skies, withdrawals will be small.
The first unmanned combat aircraft is about to take to the skies.
He left two days ago, after a tranquil week of fair skies and moderate winds and a largely private family vacation.
We've shared the same life and been through the same bumpy roads and beautiful clear skies.
They were scanning the airport skies with binoculars.
The geologists, in turn, seemed irrelevant on this vast plateau under equally vast and threatening skies.
Mostly in the clouds under mostly cloudy skies w/ a slight chance of evening snow showers.
Thanks to our intelligence and law enforcement professionals, we're disrupting plots and securing our cities and skies.
If the skies are clear, the shuttle's engines should burn bright enough to show up during its initial climb.
Global cooling and ice ages will be more generally typified by clear skies and less precipitation.
Scanning the skies for the highest energy gamma-ray emissions, they discovered eight previously unknown sources.
But scientists are finding that those dramatic electrical discharges are far more than a sideshow in stormy skies.
While the stars were still alive, they rose every day in the skies of these worlds.
It highlights both the day and night skies at several viewpoints around the state.
Much of the satellite work, however, still relies on clear skies.
But the next eight days the night skies all around the globe were filled with dazzling red, green and purple auroras.
As the skies clear, solar electric and space heating will become even more efficient.
In contrast, lights in the city illuminate night skies, hiding many of the stars.
The best viewing hours should be whenever skies are clear and whenever the moon isn't present.
Exterior shots showing blue skies add a levity and brightness to each show.
Our days were not much better, with overcast skies that made it even difficult to read indoors.
To him, human beings were no less a part of the natural world than the mountains and lakes and skies that enveloped them.
The cloudy skies were clearing, allowing increasingly unfettered views of the water below and beyond.
It's pretty faint, and you need dark skies to spot it.
You'll want the darkest skies possible, and a clear horizon.
Even from moderately light-polluted skies it's easy in binoculars.
It begins with a few dry weeks strung end to end, cloudless skies and hot weather.

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