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Example sentences for skied

It can be likened to a decision to stop skiing or playing the piano, if one has skied a lot or played the piano a lot.
She wasn't able to walk for two days after the crash and hasn't skied for more than a week.
He continued skiing anyway and skied again the next two days as well, not wanting to cut his vacation short.
The miners hopped aboard, caught a lift up the slope, then skied down.
Trails are being skied upon and tube hill seeing increased use.
They skied down the backside, and took another lift back to the top.
There are trails to be hiked, mountains to be skied, and streams to be fished.
No cross-country ski trails are being groomed, but some trails in those areas can be skied.
There are many blown-over trees near trailhead that are easily skied around.
He has flown a small plane, tried bungee jumping and skied on glaciers.
We stressed that the ski area was open to the public, and that thousands of people skied at the resort every day.
Some of these veterans have never skied before but they do learn none the less.

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