ski mask in a sentence

Example sentences for ski mask

In all of his crimes, the attacker wore a ski mask and left no conclusive physical evidence.
He wore a dark-colored ski mask, gloves and dark clothing.
He said he and his accomplice wore a ski mask and gloves.
During the robbery he is shown wearing blue jeans, a camouflage jacket, and a light-colored ski mask.
The robber wore a green zip-up waist-length jacket and a multicolored stocking hat over a dark colored ski mask.
He also testified about hearing that another suspect armed with a pistol and disguised with ski mask was still at the scene.
He described entering his neighbor's house, wearing a ski mask, at midnight through an unlocked door.
He was wearing a dark ski mask, dark jeans, and a gray zipped hooded sweatshirt.
The officer continued his search of appellant, finding cocaine in appellant's pants pocket and in his ski mask.
Both were secreted in a closet, wrapped in a ski mask.
The suspect was wearing a ski mask and possibly gloves.
He was wearing a sweatshirt, a ski mask and a baseball cap.
He was taken into custody without incident and found to have also been in possession of gloves and a ski mask.
Ellison, wearing a blue ski mask, jumped over the teller counter and pointed a handgun at the tellers.
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