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He would peer at length through the eyepiece, then down at his sketch pad and draw a line or two, then return to the eyepiece.
Clever digital pen lets you sketch a calculator and solve problems or draw a piano keyboard and play music.
Or they sketch a plausible argument but leave out supporting evidence.
Such advances could allow law enforcement to sketch a description from clues in a suspect s genes.
He lights a cigarette and waves his hands in the air to sketch the scene.
Wired asked four top caricaturists to sketch the writer of this story.
Perhaps reinclude a bit more plot--a brief sketch of each piece, especially the novel--for readers unfamiliar with the works.
Consumption surveys, which track what people actually spend, sketch a more lifelike portrait of the material quality of life.
Scientists have completed a rough sketch of the canine genome.
One of my colleagues asks her students to sketch their names using a typeface that conveys something about themselves.
Look closely at the photographs, field notes, and sketch.
The answer is given above, a sketch of a scientific view.
Sketch out your vision, then return here to upload your ideas, see other submissions and vote for your favorites.
Nevertheless, it is possible to sketch both sides of the ledger.
They will then sketch and explain their designs for sensible tiger enclosures in zoos.
Simplified sketch of coupled erosional-depositional sedimentary systems across a continental margin.
Even with the lower barriers to entry it's not easy to go from sketch to production.
Encourage each group to sketch a map showing the areas affected by the environmental problem.
Chamberlin, allow me to sketch an alternative hypothesis for our existence.
The comedy site which produced the sketch has gone down a few times today as they've been flooded with users.
These sketch of life is why a cure is essential and it may heal permanently.
Have students sketch a rough map from memory of the area surrounding the place you've described.
At the same time, it's a lot more than a simple sketch app.
Write a journal entry in the voice of the archaeologist and include a sketch of your artifact.
We all loved it, the crowd really went for it, but it was an end-of-the-show kind of a sketch.
Have students sketch and list the types of plants they see there.
One of our tasks was to look at equations and do a quick eyeball sketch.
Ask students to sketch maps of this town as they think it would look today.
Have students look at the illustration, which includes field notes and a field sketch.
Ask students to sketch three new pictures that go with the story.
He frowned and used his computer drafting tool to sketch in corrected precipitation estimates, calling for heavier rain.
Anatomists use these higher resolution images to sketch out the structural anatomy of the brain in detail.
Perhaps more contributive than either the older story of romantic adventure or the character sketch, was the drama.
The original sketch is only an improvisation, but with the second version begins what he calls the painful part of his labor.
The map to the left is a rough sketch of variation in skin color throughout the world.
She pushes a button for infrared light, and a specially lit sketch appears.
The faces of literary characters as pictured by police composite-sketch software.
The actual result is a mere sketch of the basic story and the even more basic emotions behind it.
On the other is a sketch where carriers can circle left, right or bilateral to show where the prosthesis is located.
He drew a rudimentary sketch of a wagon being pulled by two people while bystanders watched.
If you follow her career at all, at this point you could probably sketch her midriff from memory.
Click through to see the cover, plus a bonus look at the pencil sketch that preceded the full color cover.
You'll find sharper sketch writing elsewhere in town, and the acting is on the broad side.
The old blackout-sketch-blackout routine was replaced by a new form in which satire and current events merged before your eyes.
Most sketch artists ask witnesses to examine drawings or photographs meant to jog their memories.
Learn about the required eight features that have to be included on a label sketch.

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