skeptically in a sentence

Example sentences for skeptically

But when the conference was from the first regarded skeptically by the market, and when foreign exchange, which is much more.
The legislators need to look skeptically at the contractors' job claims.
The nation has always treated age discrimination skeptically.
Wilder skeptically probed and exposed human weakness, particularly venality and greed.
It also requires that proposals to gain performance by remembering the result of an authority check be examined skeptically.
Today's younger generation of artists view all those movements skeptically.
As a result, they urge that the findings be approached skeptically.
Eye skeptically any promises that an acceptable date will be arranged later.
However, when a utility is troubled, the customer will look skeptically at all aspects of the operation.
Official census counts must be acquired from published sources and evaluated skeptically.
In the meantime, in specific investigations, claims of efficiency benefits arising from a merger should be viewed skeptically.
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