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Other researchers say the finding appears to be solid, although some are skeptical of its significance.
The townspeople are skeptical at first but soon bring small offerings: a head of cabbage, a bunch of carrots, a bit of beef.
Other scientists are skeptical of even that claim, if not openly dismissive of it.
But he is skeptical about the newer studies, which are yet to be confirmed by other labs.
He adds, however, that scientists must remain skeptical until other groups reproduce the experiments.
Vimys made three history-making flights, inspiring the development of long-distance aviation for a skeptical world.
The claim has drawn mostly baffled, and skeptical, responses from physicists and alien-life experts.
But he is skeptical the meeting will accomplish much.
The marine biologist says he was skeptical that a dedicated giant squid hunt would succeed.
His audience: a row of skeptical females fidgeting on an overhanging limb.
Other researchers are skeptical of the study's astronomical connection and its fear factor.
Meanwhile, many manufacturers remain skeptical of putting water footprint information on labels.
Some experts are skeptical about the potency of chemical weapons, which can be rendered ineffective by heavy wind or rain.
University professors head the list of the skeptical and contemptuous.
If this was a skeptical, non-peer-reviewed paper, the alarmists would be caterwauling that it was non-peer-reviewed.
Many business scholars have grown skeptical of the idea of chief executive as superhero.
But intelligence experts are skeptical of this explanation.
There are other reasons to be skeptical of this particular attempt, too.
Instead, these crowds are skeptical and a bit resigned.
But some market observers are skeptical, complaining that these funeral plans won't work as promised.
If there is one thing the long travail of the last four presidencies has taught us, it is to be skeptical of the easy answer.
Though some are skeptical, backers say the updated, speedier system will spark inventions and create jobs.
Some employers can be skeptical about the value of online learning.
Scientists thrive in a critical world of skeptical peers who continually punch holes in their work and drive them to improve it.
It can teach them to be skeptical of political rhetoric and advertising.
At the present, however, many scholars are still skeptical that the processes are equivalent.
We approached our on-campus interviews with open but skeptical minds.
But my experience with such students has left me increasingly skeptical about the wisdom of those actions.
He also purchased from his own deeply skeptical party eighteen months of political forbearance.
People were afraid of runaway inflation and political turmoil and skeptical of the free market.
His disdain for politics made him skeptical of democracy and tolerant of dictatorship.
The result is that agencies have often been led by people skeptical of their own duties.
Skeptical of official pronouncements, residents at the twenty-five-mile mark have no particular reason to feel secure.
He was skeptical of the morals of industrialists and newspaper publishers but receptive to the delusions of quacks.
People are still somewhat skeptical and wonder if it's a gimmick and if it is better suited to cartoons.
Turns out she's quasi-skeptical about the whole thing.
Even she, who was otherwise skeptical, appreciated the gang's effect on civic order.
Now, there are many reasons to be skeptical of the philosophical authenticity of this occasion.
She is doubly skeptical now about the fibroid theory.
It doesn't matter so much that the public is skeptical about health-care reform.
Nor is it because the skeptical generations now between thirty and fifty have largely avoided him.
Believers remain skeptical about him, waiting to see whether he can cultivate himself to a high level.
The skeptical intellect, to promoters of soul, is always viewed with suspicion.
Those who raised skeptical questions were deemed to be not on the team.
One can be skeptical of a science of morality and abstain from relativism.
They gradually came to see merits in diversity, and so became skeptical about definitive solutions in human affairs.
Some researchers remain skeptical of the vaccine approach because it doesn't treat the underlying physiology of addiction.
Many anthropologists are skeptical of that explanation, however.
The responses to the left are more nuclear skeptical than those to the right.
Several scientists went on the record with skeptical reactions.
He raised his eyebrows, skeptical, and went to see for himself.
But he's skeptical that this design will replace present-day transistors.
Even then, the report was skeptical about the economic success of the first space-based power plants.
However, some experts are more skeptical about the prospects for widespread adoption.
Flock of birds is a standard pseudo-skeptical response.
The stock market, for one, seems skeptical it will work.
Fifty years ago this month, a comic-book publisher dared to defend his business before a panel of skeptical lawmakers.
Many people, understandably skeptical about these quasi-religious rituals, have stopped flying instead.
That's plenty of ifs for skeptical scientists to swallow.
As the story unfolds, here are four skeptical questions worth pondering.
Other scientists are skeptical of this view and think the observed changes result from natural climate variability.
Skeptical of reason in the wake of the war, dadaists turned to chance as an antidote.
We urge you to be skeptical when someone tells you that their services can earn you large profits with minimal risk.
Be skeptical of individuals representing themselves as officials soliciting via e-mail for donations.

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