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On the other hand, the skeptic in me can't stop thinking about how expensive a proposition this is.
My own extensive research and reading puts me conclusively in the skeptic category.
The auto industry had to dismiss him as a witness and bring in another climate skeptic scientist.
He will become a thoughtful skeptic who worries about the negative impact of technology on the human condition.
In the logic-tight compartments of my brain, my magic module had trumped my skeptic module.
What a skeptic might call nepotism, an optimist might term generational continuity.
But the results to date should convince the skeptic that small scale steam power should not be casually dismissed.
He was a genuine skeptic, about everything, even his own thoughts.
Or, more accurately, he was a global-warming skeptic until his own study confirmed what others had found before him.
Plait is a skeptic, and fights misuses of science as well as praising the wonder of real science.
To a skeptic, they are nothing more than snake oil sold to unwary fools.
The rational skeptic is receptive to any plausible evidence that may bear on reliability.

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