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Sue's skeleton shows signs of infection of the lower leg and right upper arm bones and curious holes in the lower jaw.
Now, with all bones in their right places, the skeleton has joined the museum as one more exhibit.
For instance, a user who holds a sheet of paper over an image of a human body might see the bones of the skeleton.
His character has an as-yet-unrevealed back story in which researchers replaced his original bones with a metal skeleton.
The skeleton provides support and structure to the body.
The arms are composed almost entirely of muscle, with no bone or external skeleton-a structure known as a muscular hydrostat.
These bones can be grouped in two divisions: axial skeleton and appendicular skeleton.
For years, scientists thought they understood the skeleton.
And, in the center of the room, there would stand an enormous dinosaur skeleton that was almost entirely real.
And second, they are also of great value to those who own the skeleton.
In comparison, turtle shells are part of the vertebrate animal's so-called endoskeleton, or skeleton from within the body.
Dab it on and you've got a clean skeleton in a few days or weeks.
When the shuttle's thermal protection system began to fail, the aluminum skeleton was unforgiving.
She said that all sharks and fish had a bony skeleton.
Footprints can tell scientists a lot about creatures that a skeleton cannot.
The grey areas represent the parts of the skeleton they recovered.
Don't be fooled by the rigid feel and appearance of a skeleton.
Most venture firms employ a skeleton staff of in-house experts in areas such as recruiting and marketing to help advise start-ups.
On a good day, an experienced fossil excavator might uncover only a few inches of skeleton.
During coral growth, these elements are incorporated into the reef skeleton in varying amounts.
But the testing program the agency plans to use is only a pitiful skeleton of what it needs to be.
Other clues to what the animal ate come from the skeleton itself.
Nine days of chemotherapy followed by seven weeks of radiotherapy reduced me to skeleton.
Polyurethane and a five-millimeter-thick silicone skin, soft and specially colored, cover a metal skeleton.
There's also a guy who appears to change into a werewolf, and a skeleton getting crushed by a tank.
The soft tissues present in the living animal make the neck skeleton more flexible that is the case in the dry skeleton, not less.
She turns into wood, her branchlike limbs resembling a deadly skeleton.
So it was with giddy expectation that the team began to excavate a skeleton of an unknown bipedal hunter.
Inside was a skeleton that wielded two swords, holding them in various defensive postures.
Skeleton crews run many departments and morale is low.
Instead they hooked up sensors all over his body to make an animated skeleton move the same way he does.
Warren's skeleton was kept in a cabinet, but a few brooms had found their way there as well.
Some maintain a skeleton crew over the off-season and hire extra help only in the summer.
While her body rots encased in its external skeleton, her lingering scent misleadingly tells the colony that all is still well.
Eventually his delicate body was reduced almost to a skeleton.
Even better, the last skeleton found that season was a nearly-complete hadrosaur, including numerous skin impressions.
He made charcoal drawings of still-life arrangements, drew and redrew a human skeleton-and then drew it again, from memory.
Then it shrinks down into a skeleton of its former self-a white dwarf.
He was a moralist who did not parade his moral, but who used it as the sustaining skeleton of his narrative.
For the first time, researchers have built a functioning lung by growing cells on the skeleton of a donor lung.
The body skeleton itself can also come apart, so you can remove the arms and legs.
The winning material, which forms the skeleton inside the dolls, is simple and surprising.
He washed them carefully with acetic acid, sealed them with a preservative, and pieced them together into a recognizable skeleton.
They exposed more of the fossil from its limestone slab and carefully compared its skeleton with those of snakes and lizards.
Axons are stretchy due in part to their flexible internal skeleton.
In normal-sized frogs, some parts of the skeleton only harden into solid bone later on in adult life.
The steel skeleton remains standing as does the steel containment around the reactor.
One tractor-trailer was burned down to its skeleton, charred pages of books and magazines in its cargo area.
Skeleton detailing on gowns, socks painted on with body paint.
What slows the human body down is less the architecture of its skeleton than the chemistry of its muscles.
Investigations in that case exposed a flimsy skeleton of iron wires being used instead of steel to hold together the building.
They allow the skeleton to be flexible for movement.
The disease may only be in one or two areas of the skeleton, or throughout the body.
The skull turned out to be part of a complete skeleton embedded in volcanic ash.
Explorers have also found animal remains, including the skeleton of what resembles an ancient bear.
It is a slightly broken skeleton in a single slab of pure limestone, showing clear wing- and tail-feather impressions.
Many times the whole skeleton has been weathered away.

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