skein in a sentence

Example sentences for skein

Buck, furniture dealer, committed suicide this morning by hanging herself with a skein of yarn.
It developed into a skein of small companies that grew into bigger ones.
The areas of higher concern are the skein becks and the drip traps on the distribution system.
Knot invariants are usually defined through the skein relations.
Sometimes skein theories also involve tangled graphs skinning map.

Famous quotes containing the word skein

"Babylon," exclaimed Rolf, who had to look down again and again at this net of shimmering strings of beads, this s... more
Like a skein of loose silk blown against a wall She walks by the railing of a path in Kensington Gardens, A... more
I—love's skein upon the ground, My body in the tomb— Shall leap into the light lost In my mother's womb... more
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