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Example sentences for skating

Skating breezily across swathes of economic policy, his theme is that new capitalism will be defined by experimentation.
More fun awaits you as you practice figure eights on the ice-skating rink.
In the winter they would go sledding or skating on the frozen creek, building a bonfire on the shore to keep warm.
The only things missing were scorecards held ice-skating style.
Willie says he doesn't talk back and always wears his helmet when in-line skating.
And the judging was every bit as inconsistent as the skating.
Roller skating tends to go in and out of style with each decade.
Many ice skating rinks have skate rentals and snack concessions.
All winter long, and even into the spring, you can enjoy the fitness and fun of ice skating.
We also offer free lockers during public skating sessions for those who bring a padlock.

Famous quotes containing the word skating

Wait, Kate! You skate at such a rate You leave behind your skating mate. Your splendid speed won't you abat... more
The phonographs of hades in the brain Are tunnels that re-wind themselves, and love A burnt match skating i... more
In skating over thin ice, our safety is in our speed.... more
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