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Witty, sometimes bawdy, skater names and costuming lend an air of performance to the sport.
He compares what happened to a figure skater pulling her arms closer to her body, causing her to spin faster.
Conservation of angular momentum explains why an ice skater spins more rapidly as she pulls her arms in.
Every spinning object in the universe has angular momentum, and each must obey the same physical law as the figure skater.
There is no better way to make a skater look strong and impressive than to shoot from the floor looking up.
The rink was already closed, but there was one lone skater practicing her figures.
Almost everything you see a figure skater do is done on one of those edges, hardly ever do they glide straight on both.
In two dimensions, if a skater pulls in her arms she will spin faster because angular momentum is conserved.
The rear wheel of the inline skate may come off during use, causing the skater to fall.
Most inline skating injuries are to the wrist, as the skater reaches to break a fall.
Either one of these hazards can cause the skater to fall and suffer serious injury.
The skate's plastic brake mount could crack and fail, causing the skater to fall and suffer serious injury.
Use short hockey sticks with picks to propel yourself or a stroller bar handle allows another skater to push you.
Every effort was made to get community, skater and stakeholder input in the design.
Normally, information about a new program is announced by the skater or jointly between the skater, coach and choreographer.
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