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The two have a folkloric meeting by a campfire, each sizing the other up with profound glances and a minimum of small talk.
He was eyeballing the siding of my house, sizing it up for a vicious pecking.
They lined up side by side, hooked jaws thrust out of the water, sizing each other up.
They may need additional sizing and surface finishing, but they are nearly as strong as metal billet materials.
HP and our channel partners can help you choose the right number of blades with our solution sizing tools and expertise.
Rather, it is, in part an unfortunate right-sizing of bookstore landscape that has suffered from expansion in certain markets.
Item one on the first day's agenda will consist of sizing him up.
And as well as meeting lots of people, headhunters are skilled at the mysterious art of sizing them up.
Phase three includes distribution of head and foot scanners for use in sizing protective masks and footwear.
Kids have been known to have sudden growth spurts that can throw off your sizing forecasts.
These techniques include caching less data, using less capacity, and sizing the video more appropriately for the device.
Check with your airline to determine its sizing requirements.

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There is a parallel between the twos and the tens. Tens are trying to test their abilities again, sizing up... more
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