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The demonstration swelled to revolutionary size, to a large extent, because its organizers consciously eschewed politics.
The cost of installing water meters varies according to both the size of the building and the number of water lines involved.
Pollen began looking for genes, near these deletions, that could affect brain size.
When size creates externalities, do what you would do with any negative externality: tax it.
The meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs might have been less than half the size of what previous models predicted.
Prize pumpkins have tripled in size in the past three decades.
People often judge a protest's success by the size of a crowd.
Multiply a city's rank by its population and the result will match the size of the biggest city.
Chemical reactors are shrinking to notebook and even credit card size.
Their effective population size according to this definition might be pretty close to zero.
The exposure time can be more than two hours, depending on the building's size.
The flowers are larger, with blooms approaching the size of snapdragons.
Here's a great way to make cardboard cutouts of pretty much any size from a regular digital image.
Move the projector forward or back until the pattern on the canvas is the desired size.
Determine which image size is appropriate for your monitor.
Scientists are finally beginning to agree on what controls the size of the sheet and its rate of disintegration.
See animals up close and gain a better understanding of their habitat, size and adaptive characteristics.
It's not a bird or a plane, but it is an ant the size of a hummingbird.
Determine which size is appropriate for your monitor.
Indeed, when it comes to walking, penguins expend twice as much energy as any other terrestrial animal of the same size.
Sprouting broccoli forms many small florets that are harvested when the size of buttons.
It's the smallest three-dimensional sculpture ever made: a bull the size of a red blood cell.
The problem here is going to be file size, file size, file size.
If so, the average size will drop even more dramatically.
Our brains are, after all, quite large relative to our body size.
Previously, nonprofits of that size did not need to file returns.
The size of the book depends on the size and thickness of the paper you choose.
The size of the team should be the size of the lunch table.
The size of the preference provided is a key variable, the research finds.
Whatever your garden's size or style, good plant health is your first line of defense against potential problems of any kind.
Of the four layers, three have holes in the bottom which only let through a certain size of brick.
Yet another way to gauge its size is to look at electricity demand, which moves roughly in step with economic activity.
They can routinely grow crystals that are several carats in size.
The size and strength of the bubbles determine the durability of the meringue.
Roof maintenance, repair, and shading issues may also be mitigated due to the small size of the micro-cells.
Many choices, offering great variety in plant size and leaf color.
The mini size shown here gives landscapes a polished look.
Quadrupling in size does not require a quadrupling in energy use.
These mobile kitchens stand out partly for their size.
That's obvious from the shape and size of their teeth.
Comb size in females is a good predictor of egg size, and chicks hatched from large eggs have a better start in life.
We can also guess at the physical size of the sensor.
Yet size can also be the enemy of investment performance.
Even if large size is not actually a handicap, it brings fewer benefits than it once did.
It was a powerfully influential finding, because at the time, skull size and shape were thought to be connected to intelligence.
To make these pictures useful for physics, it helps to know the angular size of the picture.
The total of failures also disguises the size of individual collapses.
The first generation of robotic tuna had to be tethered to a heap of electronics the size of a fridge.
The closer you can get the board cover to the exact size of your door, the better.
Our staff photographer loads these pocket-size drives with pics from the year, then sends them to friends and family.
Engineers have made a tiny engine a few micrometers wide, or roughly the size of a water droplet found in fog.
The team then sorted through their habitat cubes, coaxing out every inhabitant, down to a size of about a millimeter.
The largest terror birds could likely swallow dog-size prey in a single gulp, experts say.
Horses had shinbones the size of chicken drumsticks.
The team says this may mean brain reorganization came before a big jump in brain size in humans.
The size of the animal or the vocal fold, or the frequency of the sound, didn't matter.
Elk have vocal folds about the same size, but they make high-pitched sounds.
At full size, all but a few squeeze through holes in the caterpillar's skin and spin a cocoon on a nearby twig or leaf.
Each summer an outdoor life-size exhibit is on display in the gardens.
When the isolated parts were viewed together, the paleontologists were struck by the size of the dinosaur.
No one had ever handled food services for an event this size.
With everybody buying music online, it's literally been reduced to the size of a postage stamp.
What is particularly surprising is the size of some of the brooches.
Breeders over the decades have selected varieties for large size, high production.
Uncle found a skull face carved on brownish rock, hand size, and the back of the rock is smooth.
Near the base of one maple, she found a beetle sprinkled with sawdust, its head submerged in a dime-size hole in the tree's trunk.
Given the size of the slump, a temporary increase in the budget deficit is justifiable.
The second factor is the sheer size of the emerging markets.
For one thing, multinationals' size and scale can make it possible for them to exert power in an exploitative way.
Given a stick too short to be useful, and a stone of the right size, they chose the stone.
Much remains unclear about the implementation of the stimulus plan-even its size.
The size of those tariffs would reflect the scale of the undervaluation.
While the number of farms is decreasing, their size is soaring.
Alas, this week it was forced to scale back both the valuation and the size of its planned offering.
Many were once state-owned national champions, which valued size over profitability.
With a head the size of a refrigerator and teeth as big as bananas, it was an immensely powerful predator.
It should show whether stellarators can be scaled up to a useful size.
The ranking of research quality is highly correlated with the size of a university's endowment.
The size of holes that can be cut depends on the size of the coil, so specific coils will be needed for each application.
Ultimately, the size of the bill will depend on their ability to recover, and that is far from clear.
Moreover, the probability of a correct decision increases with the size of the jury.
Despite their small individual size, microbes play a big role in the oceans-and the planet overall.
They will then use this to get a better estimate of the size of the solar system.
It's a hand-held unit, about the size of a key chain.
New quantum algorithm can solve monster-size equations.
When a droplet of fuel ignites, the flame surrounds it as a sphere about the size of an olive.
By controlling the size of the cells they can vary their color and even create changing patterns.
The anesthetics relaxed the molecules, making them expand in size.
So the next time you reach into the dairy case, grab the quart or gallon-size yogurt instead of the single-serving cups.
Instead it's bits of plastic less than one millimeter in size.
The devices may soon evolve into small computers about the size of a clutch purse.
The current machine is the size of a suitcase, he says, but the device keeps shrinking.
Sample size needs to be large enough to account for variance, providing for meaningful statistical and thus predictive power.
Colleges were placed in one of three size groups-small, medium, or large-based on overall student enrollment.
Influences of disturbance size and frequency on landscape structure.
Remember, interviews are not broadcast communication where one size fits all.
There is no doubt a size limit on effective tribal size.
Having attained such formidable size, they have no natural enemies.
Otherwise, one thinks of the two campuses as quite comparable in size and academic quality.
Blackboard's growing size, however, is prompting campus technology officials to look at alternatives.
Desirable full-size spare meant for export models only.
With plot holes the size of boulders, it's a thuddingly bad effort at wacky humor and schmaltzy redemption.
Non-liquid toiletries do not have an individual size limitation if they fit inside a carry-on bag.
The spinous process is short and bifid, the two divisions being often of unequal size.
The nerve cells are multipolar, and vary greatly in size and shape.
They begin to be developed before birth, and are of a considerable size by the age of six.
The number of the capillaries and the size of the meshes determine the degree of vascularity of a part.
The nerve cells vary in shape and size, and have one or more processes.
It rapidly diminishes in size in its course up the neck, owing to the number and large size of the branches given off from it.
They have a tendency to be more or less symmetrical on the two sides of the skull, and vary much in size.
It varies greatly in size, and appears to compensate for deficiency or absence of one of the other thyroid vessels.
It is covered by the lining of the ventricle, and crossed by some veins of considerable size.
The smaller occipital varies in size, and is sometimes duplicated.
It corresponds with the middle part of the collateral fissure, and its size depends on the depth and direction of this fissure.
During activity the granular zone gradually diminishes in size, and when exhausted is only seen as a small area next to the lumen.
Before puberty they are of small size, but enlarge as the generative organs become more completely developed.
Its vessels are not numerous, the capillaries being of small size, uniting at long and wide intervals.
He was one of eight kids, but his father was a doctor, and their burgers were the size of hockey pucks.
When he is awake at two in the morning, mulling over the physics of wheel diameter and axle size, he is fifty-six.
It also had two jacuzzis--and a hot water heater the size of a thimble.
Due to the shape and size of the abdomen, it is difficult to apply a tourniquet or effectively apply external compression.
Once it has dwindled to a certain size, the cops are able to contain the violence by making arrests along the border.
It suggested, in size and silhouette, a cruise liner more than a cargo vessel.
Typically, they are between a hundred and a hundred and thirty square feet, roughly the size of a covered wagon.
They range in size from tiny to immense, and in number of spots from one to more than twenty-five thousand.
It's the size of a hockey puck-small in diameter, plump in the middle-but juicy.
The next year, the size of the effect shrank another thirty per cent.
At a later office visit, her doctor found a silver-dollar-size patch of scalp where skin had been replaced by scab.
Nearly all the projects, whatever their size, have a way of presenting clever solutions emphatically.
By the second week, he could size up a customer's nationality and address him in his own tongue.
He then turned to his secret weapon: an easel-size pad.
The sheer legibility of the place would be achievement enough, given its size.
He asked if there were restrictions as to the size of a parcel.
Details are slightly blurry, testifying to the snapshot's loss of definition when blown up to such a size.
They usually span the size of a football field and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build and operate.
The antenna, which receives and transmits light in one direction, is a few hundred nanometers in size.
The density at which this data is stored depends on the size of the magnetic grains used for this process.
The result could be battery systems half to a third the size of conventional ones.
Cutting the size of a battery system in half could cut its cost by as much as half, too.
But part of what's holding back their development is the size and lifetime of existing power supplies.
But solid-state batteries are expensive to make and have been difficult to scale up to the size needed for laptops or vehicles.
The whole array could fit into a container about the size of a coffee urn.
Its first batteries use two flat electrodes, which are comparable in size.
Artificial muscles are typically made from polymers and metals that change size and shape.
And it isn't cost-effective for newspapers to offer ad design services for accounts below a certain size.
The size of a coffee mug, the cylindrical robot slides across a round meter-sized playpen on an apparently chaotic path.
However, engineers know that transistor size will reach its physical limit within the next decade or so.
The small dip in brightness allows the planet's size to be calculated.
From these images, a surgeon can tell a tumor's location and anatomy, or its size and shape.
But they are the first to explore the size and shape of the density changes that ought to be visible using this method.
They're part of a much broader concern, the question of why people differ in size.
Researchers say this points to a growing problem with portion size, which has contributed to the current obesity epidemic.
Being able to discern shape and size means that seals may use their whiskers to pick out the fattest fish.
We see the evolution of higher rates of apoptosis as a way to regulate the size and number of propagules produced.
They can be thousands of times bigger than boreal bergs, closer to the size of a small state than a large ocean liner.
But there's no such direct signal that tells your brain about the size and shape of your body parts.
Since its actual reflectivity isn't known, the size has a wide range.
Astronomers say it's a medium-size planet orbiting an average star.
Moreover, the bones are all about the same size--the size of adult spawning fish.
Despite this size difference, the secondary group have large muscular mouths that are the same size as the primary ones.
Tiny changes in their weight, stiffness, size and shape can greatly change the pitch and volume of the sounds they create.
They prized such things even though in the picture they themselves might only have a head the size of a pea.
They're already equal in size to all of the hedge funds in the world combined.
There are several sources of statistics on the size and growth of the industry.
And given the size of the deficits, over time that's going to be a painful political choice to make.
Everything in it is reduced to the size of its founder.
It has also shrunk the size of the typical newspaper page, cutting the cost of newsprint by cutting news content.
They also contribute to the difficulty of creating a one-size-fits-all vaccine.
Some have to do with the sheer size of the country: shared purposes are difficult to organize and sustain on an imperial scale.
Anyone who makes annual donations of that size is guaranteed to wield immense influence.
Twelve stories high, she seems pumped up to this size by the endless tabloid coverage of her personal life.
He realized that he was marginally less nimble than others and that because of his size he had some disadvantages on small waves.
It looked to be about the size that air travelers can fit into overhead compartments.
He nodded for me to enter the safe, which was the size of a small room and could have been a bomb shelter.
Which is not unusual for a big production movie but it is unusual for an independent movie of this size.
Successful counter-insurgency comes in only one size: long.
The tweeters fit in boxes the size of half-gallon milk cartons.
The single woofer required an enclosure about the size of a piece of carry-on luggage.
The walleye would be the perfect size for the frying pan.
He could have a chance to be drafted late because of his size and intangibles.
The trick is picking one that serves your needs, because when it comes to health and fitness, one size definitely doesn't fit all.
Here are our winners in large-, medium- and small-size business categories.
People argue over the size of the president's fiscal stimulus, but the real problem was its shape.
But don't be afraid to go a size up, particularly if you're pear-shaped.
These cushion and protect skin from friction, allowing time for corns and calluses to diminish in size.
Changes in taste, in family size and personal finance are also driving the trend toward smaller homes.
The size of the remaining firms-two with unknown supply sources and one domestic manufacturer-could not be determined.
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