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The government continues to grapple with its large internal and external deficits and sizable internal debt.
Another sizable chunk of the land could be leased to agribusinesses for farming.
Besides accounting for a sizable chunk of total catches, anglers tend to target bigger fish.
The sizable meal proved too much for the snake, though.
It is sizable but you won't need to carry it long distances.
Thankfully, it's a sizable building that can absorb quite a few people and still not feel crowded.
Stroll around this sizable mall for some window-shopping and take in the giant sculptures.
In theory such a craft could accelerate to a sizable fraction of the speed of light-without carrying fuel.
Even the smallest cargo ships and tankers carry sizable amounts of cash, used to buy supplies in port and to pay the crew.
With a sizable flat, sandy area for a fire, this mine site was ideal for our stories-around-the-campfire purpose.
Investments and real estate income also account for a sizable portion of revenue.
The government is juggling a sizable external debt against the urgent need for expanded public investment.
Major concerns continue to be the sizable trade deficit and unsustainable foreign debt.
Needless to say, our camaraderie suffered from a sizable generation gap.
The event, organized by four government agencies, drew a sizable number of foreign attendees.
Some countries, however, have posted sizable enrollment gains.
As previous commentators indicate this is a sizable portion of anthropologists.
To be honest, a sizable portion of it is not applicable to my work in science.
Planets with sizable tilts on their spin-axes should have extreme seasonal temperatures.
His charm, however, and his sizable vocabulary inspired people to help him.
As sun thermonuclear energy is running out, this dark region will become sizable, at the appointed time of the reaction.
Most of the planets in our solar system host sizable natural satellites.
That's definitely going to put a sizable dent in our wallets and end up sending a lot of dollars to foreign shores.
Nevertheless, research also suggests that a sizable number of psychopaths may be walking among us in everyday life.
The thing that's been forgotten here is that there is a sizable population which makes its living on the sickness of others.
To construct a building takes a sizable cast of characters.
Even with such an increase, sizable labor market slack is expected to persist for years.
Many of those tools have been complete and stable for some time, so it would be a sizable effort to modernize.
Democracy requires a sizable body of educated, informed, and responsible voters.
Mongolian government is already paying sizable amount of every college tuition and each student is receiving monthly stipend.
It proposed taxing capital income as normal income- representing a sizable hike in capital tax rates.
Each had a sizable price tag into the multiple hundreds of dollars.
Depending on the size of your family, you're looking at a sizable extra chunk of change for your minions to see those minions.
For years, giving a car to charity offered multiple benefits including a sizable tax deduction.
In fact, it's worth the sizable suspension of disbelief for the knife-throwing bit alone.
Even cut in half, the loan was a sizable one in those days.
Indeed, they are frequently dissatisfied even with their sizable fortunes.
Alone, neither group can muster a sizable enough coalition to challenge the status quo.
But they provide a sizable chunk of our energy needs.
The rich, however, have a more sizable amount of their money invested.
He earned a sizable amount doing this, and then devoted all his time to writing.
And of course there was a sizable collection of new pottery, even including some quaint little figures of horses.
What's more, sizable variations in longevity have emerged among different subgroups.
But getting there and returning home on one tank of gas while carrying a sizable payload is almost impossible.
With these value-added service providers now in place, high-resolution spy-quality images now have a sizable market in waiting.
Partly as a result of his work, there has also been a sizable drop in the number of animals used in research.
Generative grammar has spawned a sizable anthology industry.
We have recently seen a major tax-payer revolt across this country, which has led to sizable income-tax reductions.
These results could have a sizable impact on the economy, a third of which is impacted by weather forecasting.
Pickens tried to get ahead of the curve by investing his sizable fortune in the future.
Especially if their hunting practices make a sizable dent in the rate of reproduction of existing species.
As someone mentioned above, there's a sizable image artifact there, which seems to be centered on the brightest part of the flare.
Finally, a sizable number of teachers expose their students to all positions-scientific or not.
Unfortunately, there is a sizable segment of the population with little knowledge of critical thinking and skepticism.
In other words, a pretty sizable chunk of the world.
Only two inches of water can cost thousands of dollars in damages, as this re-sizable, interactive tool illustrates.
Possessing a sizable fortune simply has given her license to pursue her own desire, free of inhibition.
It was a sizable propane tank stuffed with high explosives.
It makes me shudder to think that a politician with his lack of originality could draw such a sizable following.
But if you have a sizable nest egg, taking the stretch can be a valuable option for you and your heirs.
These are people who are constantly learning and adding to an already sizable knowledge base.
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