sixth column in a sentence

Example sentences for sixth column

The fifth column shows maximum local sales tax rates, and the sixth column shows local lodging tax rates.
The manner in which the controlled substance is supplied must be entered in the sixth column.
The vessel was placed in the last row of the sixth column of the convoy.
The sixth column automatically computes the day on which the initial indemnity check was mailed.
The sixth column shows, for each state, the difference between high-cost support to non-rural carriers and contributions.
The mean of their four results is given in the sixth column.
The sixth column contains the time at which the corresponding data values are recorded.
The sixth column presents the net health benefit calculated for each screening modality.
The sixth column on the exhibit is labeled overruns and underruns.
The sixth column shows the calendar year in which the maximum stage and discharge for the indicated period occurred.
The sixth column provides the known historic range for the taxon.
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