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Ethanol production uses about one sixteenth as much fossil fuel to make as it replaces.
Though only about one-sixteenth-inch in size, they can destroy a hive of tens of thousands of bees in as little as six months.
But try to move one sixteenth of an inch, and you'd have to spend time moving carefully to get it right.
On average, for his career, he has ranked a hundred and sixteenth.
Built during the sixteenth century, the buildings now stand as a testament to colonial architecture.
Sixteenth century medieval wall of the pre-enclosure period.
Nevertheless, a change in the temper of the people begins to be noticeable during the last twenty years of the sixteenth century.
But the shrewd, ironical spirit of the sixteenth century required something more than unchivalrous satire.
Few sermons of the sixteenth century are more famous or have had a more interesting history.
Even if the underlying musculature is well developed, all it takes to obscure it is a layer of fat one-sixteenth of an inch thick.
In the sixteenth century, no one could determine longitudes across the oceans with more than a rough approximation of accuracy.

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