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But this situation is not made up-it is a real place.
But you could make the screen larger or smaller, depending on your situation, and the frame could be wood instead of steel.
Practically every word spoken, every scene, every situation comes straight from the text.
Practically every word is spoken, every scene, every situation comes straight from the text.
But that's not even the saddest part of our present situation.
Here's another situation where artificial turf made sense.
Specialists have not been negligent in pointing out the situation.
The political and journalistic situation made the administration organ one of the characteristic features of the period.
The unfortunate situation of his eldest brother's affairs gave him an occasion of exercising his benevolent disposition.
Two books give unforgettable pictures of the efforts of the planters to meet the new industrial situation.
We have no need to call upon the historian, the sociologist nor the statistician for our knowledge of this situation.
The present situation of the world is indeed without a parallel, and that of our own country full of difficulties.
Instantly there was a confusion on board which no one could account for who has not been in the same situation.
It will depend on how fully the situation that prompted the challenge is grasped.
The mere apprehension of a coming evil has put many into a situation of the utmost danger.
His stories present not so much novel situation as eccentric character.
It is not to be conceived how much the saint had continually to suffer in this situation.
The mechanism is that of identification based upon the possibility or desire of putting oneself in the same situation.
Each incident and situation is merely an opportunity for expounding some point of philosophy.
The main situation of the tragedy goes back to the prose tale.
There is tragedy, of varying quality, in the situation of all three.
Reframe the question or minimize a negative comment or situation.
The rest of us have told him to back off and have tried to diffuse the situation with humor and she has tried to do so as well.
But it's the differences between the two events that point to the sometimes precarious situation of college-based writers.
Such a situation is not customer-friendly, and something needs to be done soon to correct this situation.
Reappointment will depend on performance, departmental needs, and the college's budgetary situation.
There are far more appropriate ways to express care and concern that are more sensitive to the reality of the situation.
One of my colleagues who is in a similar situation landed seven conference interviews, three campus visits, and a job offer.
Ice could not be reached for comment, and several faculty members declined to elaborate on the situation.
After all, colleges are in the best position to evaluate the severity of a given situation.
The government was fully impressed with the seriousness of the situation.
In the metaphorical sense as well as the literal, the situation on the ground would be frozen.
Let me offer three observations toward understanding the dynamics and choices of the situation.
The background details of any situation tell you a lot about the nature of the situation.
In this situation the power of eminent domain is the only salvation.
One or two important matters that arise out of the situation when the votes have been cast, remain to be considered.
They are both important, and their relative importance changes from time to time and from situation to situation.
But in the six-state region the situation has been different.
To-day there is no way out of a critical situation but by legislative enactment.
Where people differ is in how likely it is that they will be involved in a situation in which a gun will be valuable.
But religious tensions could make the situation far worse.
Understanding whether this situation might improve requires understanding what the problems have been so far.
TV has always been good at making the best of a bad business situation.
It suggests that they had more than one set of morals, one more consequentialist than another, and choose to fit the situation.
Plenty of multimedia speakers aspire to be your all-in-one bookshelves these days, ready for any situation or setting.
But when they reach the back and take stock of the situation, it doesn't seem that simple.
The government has acted decisively to try to mitigate the situation.
And our politicians are too busy electioneering to enact even modest measures to improve the situation.
Coupled with effects of climate change, such as extreme droughts, the situation seems bleak.
Watches and travel clocks keep you equipped for any situation.
Their perilous situation is attributed primarily to the over-harvesting of their eggs during the last century.
Their mission is to rescue orangutans wherever they are found in a life-threatening situation.
The situation has also caused rifts within communities.
Jazz is a truly global music, flexible enough to adapt to any situation or sound.
Describe the major problems you would be tackling, and brainstorm the things you could suggest to help the situation.
Great in any situation for quick reminders on how to rehabilitate dogs and train people.
The color, composition and lighting are superb as well, but it is the whole situation that makes it fun and intriguing.
Have them script and stage a play portraying what people in their community might say and do about this situation.
Our nuclear primer explains what that means and how the situation compares to past nuclear accidents.
Solar-powered charging stations are beginning to pop up now to address this situation.
In other words, they wanted to figure out how dire the situation would be today.
The lack of control over our situation interfered with our concentration.
The linked event is then able to elicit a conditioned response for the original situation.
Thus building with this situation is colder in summer and warmer in winter and energy would be saved easily.
Yes even in difficult times, green investing is likely to continue to grow as the situation on our planet demands it.
For many space science enthusiasts, that situation is not even remotely troubling.
Common wisdom would suggest that people fib when doing so helps them improve their personal situation in some way.
Only the promise of a trip to the park got me out of that situation.
In a sense, the complicated recipes also mirrored the complicated situation in the test kitchen.
Many of them simply wanted to be left alone to make what they could of a difficult situation.
Once the seriousness of the situation became apparent, there was no escaping.
He's interested in art, architecture, science and the global environmental situation.
But the situation for much of the world's coral reefs is dire.
Often their characters couldn't talk, whether because of the situation they were in or their natural reticence.
The absence of human body heat and comings and goings vastly simplifies the situation.
There is a growing consensus that the situation is dire-and looking bleaker every day.
We're supposed to be concerned, and it's a serious situation.
She cites her own story as an example of how situation affects self-perception, which in turn affects performance.
In cementing these relations, the king displayed a sensitivity to each country's situation.
They were hopelessly overweight, and it is improbable that any amount of dieting would have remedied the situation.
Whatever is done to remedy the situation will add trouble and expense, but it is probably worth it in the long run.
As oddly enjoyable as this plan sounds, the situation likely won't reach this point.
There were a lot of people frustrated with the situation.
Typically, the therapist encourages patients to expose themselves to a situation that provokes an obsessive response.
As neuroscientists learn more about the biological basis of pain, the situation is finally beginning to change.
To space enthusiasts yearning to break free from our terrestrial chains, this situation borders on the tragic.
Sometimes depression might be a normal response to an abnormal situation.
Back in camp, over supper, they discussed the situation.
And serendipity arises when people are in a situation that fosters creativity.
These feelings, fine-tuned over the years, might help us decide how to act in a complex social situation.
It turns out that if you self-monitor this way, you can really be in trouble in a sports situation.
Every time a character reacts to his or her situation and presents an emotion, the narrator names it.
So that's my thought experiment- bleak and alarmist, perhaps, but one that follows directly from the logic of this situation.
She outlines the choices she made over her life which may have influenced her current situation.
Giving her dextrose intravenously had quickly reversed the situation.
After a ghastly pause, he stammers and makes a deadpan joke, barely retrieving the situation.
In the informal situation, you can find yourself in a jam session, where anything can happen.
He has an immediate, intuitive grasp of the situation, and knows how to make the patient feel understood and less alone.
The situation gets worse as the song gets bigger and better.
Yet these two, to put it mildly, find themselves in an awkward situation.
But these arguments are not commensurate with the gravity of the situation.
It's a no-win situation that's made even worse when the lyrics are unintelligible, the voice a shriek embedded in noise.
Risk describes a situation where you have a sense of the range and likelihood of possible outcomes.
Always have the situation under control, even if losing.
The situation emphasizes the need for electronic resources.
In the case of a sell-off, this tends to make a bad situation worse.
But the search for the hot hand takes a bad situation and makes it worse.
He will probably say to him that he promises to improve the economic situation.
Behind the debates over future policy is a debate over history-a debate over the causes of our current situation.
He had many of the tools he needed to cope with the situation.
It's difficult to recall a situation when a photographer has had such steady, tag-along access to a moody, elusive star.
Well yeah, there's no way of stopping it if you really believe the situation and you commit to it.
But he hasn't been in a high-pressure situation where he's had to make a serious decision, either.
Secondly-since otherwise the first point would be left in the air-the determination to bring about once more a similar situation.
But that would have been a low-percentage move, and it wasn't what the situation called for.
She had a smile from one ear to the other, convinced of the magic and grandeur of the situation.
The situation is a little different on the particular mesa we're traversing, though.
The weirder the situation, the stranger the alternative reality, the more everybody becomes a party to it.
Though the situation is often described as a problem of inequality, this is not quite the real concern.
When one feels as if one is living in a foreign country, the situation calls for a journey of reconnaissance and rediscovery.
They send a powerful signal that an alternative to the current situation exists.
But the situation would have to be pretty extreme, something approaching genocide or ethnic cleansing.
Then it seems to me the situation becomes worse and not better.
People directly, indirectly, and even remotely involved in a situation are suddenly open to collaborating and sharing.
Then last month the situation became even more complex.
Add to the mix a car fire or an oil tanker explosion and the situation could become dire.
But this is a highly artificial situation in which the movement of air is entirely divorced from the flapping motion of the wing.
Most importantly, you need to get a good handle on the financial situation.
It's all reacting to a situation and collecting statistics.
Imagine you have a real-time situation of movement of traffic in the city.
The situation would be worse than using gasoline or diesel, which are still plenty in supply.
Unfortunately, the situation with other home networking technologies is no better.
Furthermore, the slowdown of emerging economies as well as a dramatic reduction in the price of oil further hinders the situation.
Another letter might be about the whole picture of what is happening at your business and how you affected the situation.

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