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The first decision to make upon walking into a meeting room is where to sit.
Eyes and ears stinging, the students continue to sit peacefully.
They sit still and wait for prey to happen by, then pounce with their powerful legs.
If an office worker gets sick, he or she might spread germs to co-workers who sit nearby.
Don't let it sit longer, though, or it will taste harsh.
Sit too far away and you're essentially paying for performance you won't be able to see.
Some stand behind podiums while others sit at desks.
If any species depends on the species you have asked to sit down, those students will have to sit as well.
Comb jellies sit alongside two other major groups near the base of the tree, but their relative positions remain contentious.
Add crusty bread and a favorite spinach salad, then sit down to a real dinner.
The seat is suspended across the frame, and bends when you sit on it.
Blogging is about instantaneousness, but there are times a blogger has to sit on something before knowing what's bothering her.
Even a commercially minded lender could not sit by as peers opened their wallets.
To anyone who has ever tried to sit on a surfboard, much less paddle one in big surf, the feat was impressive.
When they emerge from the pupal stage, they sit motionless on the water.
He cooked for one and after dinner would sit and watch as the neighborhood wound down from dusk to night.
It was a nondescript rear yard without a place to sit or entertain.
People comment on it whenever they see it, and more often than not they sit down.
If the science establishment performs according to form, it will effectively sit out the coming presidential election.
For example, because positively charged chemical groups repel, they cannot sit next to each other.
Most chose to sit idly-unless they were given the chance to rearrange the beads instead of to rebuild it as it was.
So, those shy students and/or disinterested students all sit there.
The boats have been used to rescue stranded trucks but now sit idle.
My favorite: a couple meet when they're forced to sit together at a crowded restaurant.
If there were problems, we'd sit down and talk about them.
Once the courses are plated, students sit together in a sunlit space to enjoy the fruits of their lesson.
Although the towns sit side by side, their heritage and demeanors are quite different.
Some yards are filled with abandoned cars and old boats, and tanning salons sit beside organic bakeries.
Instead of an exam, students will sit a three-course lunch to show off their new skills.
Sit back and enjoy the mixture of music, combined with beautiful sets and characters.
Sit on the large patio, where votive candles illuminate a cascading fountain.
Now you can sit in your living room and watch a how-to video.
The employee is frequently required to stand, walk and sit.
Here, the only containment is the cooling water they sit in and the zirconium alloy casings of the rods themselves.
Huff would sit at the upright piano in his office with a tape recorder rolling.
Your house doesn't have to sit in a forest to be vulnerable to wildfire.
It feels substantially thinner, thanks to tapered edges, which make it sit more comfortably in the hand.
In the dark, the receptors quietly sit there, with no discernible effect on their host cells.
We would sit and chat and nibble, the morning turning into afternoon to evening.
In place of the utility room sit a miniature family room and dining area.
Now only few hands are needed and a farmer can even sit inside and press a button to irrigate or fumigate an entire field.
Starting on the inside of the foam ring, poke these shortened stems into the foam so the flower heads sit flat and petals touch.
She's the world's best car traveler, content to sit peacefully in the backseat looking around at the world whizzing by her.
My washing machine and dryer sit in a shallow alcove.
They sit and listen and count both the booms and the time between them.
Tin cans sit on their shelves in the store, covered with a layer of dust.
Still, she refused to sit in the other car and got off the train at the next stop.
In the barbecue pecking order, gas grills sit at the bottom.
They sit cross-legged among pink columns with carvings of gaudy green-and-white dragons.
Sit on a blanket with your family and a scrumptious picnic and watch hundreds of hot-air balloons race into the sky.
The tunnel would sit in a ditch cut from the shallow river bed.
Soak the stained area with the solution and allow it to sit for a few minutes before laundering.
On your tongue, the glutamate molecule would sit right in the pink part.
Some of the animals hung around long enough for me to sit quietly and observe them.
Lots of people sit outside their cars at this drive-in, in lawn chairs and on blankets.
Sit them down, give them a piece of paper and a pen and an hour in a room and see what they come up with.
On the other sit the farmers who used to till the land until they were evicted.
It's a fascinating, fascinating experience to sit through this movie.
Fasten your seat belt, sit back, and enjoy the ride.
Sit a breathe deeply for a minute or two and see what feels different.
The shared traits exist despite the fact that crows and humans sit on distinct branches of the genetic tree.
Jelly belly: from about the size of a spit wad the compound grows to a tennis ball so dieters sit down feeling full.
He also opened the overhead luggage compartments as the plane came in to land and ignored six requests to sit down.
Mineral sands, such as zircon, sit under a tarpaulin.
Do you sit them on a post or is there a way to mount them to a tree.
As you sit down in your tiny, messy cube, fluorescent lights buzz overhead.
Sit down with some of the world's best photographers and find out how to sharpen your skills and fine-tune your technique.
The underwater robots are also clearing pieces of pipe and other debris from the site where the box will sit.
One by one they clambered up the bank to sit with me.
All that, and you don't have to sit through a bad luau.
Finalists sit on stage during the first championship elimination round.
When you return from the walk, sit in a circle and have each team report what they found.
The textbook instructions for such studies are merely to sit and observe.
As he cues up an old jazz record, you look around his cluttered room for somewhere to sit.
For half an hour they sit quietly and watch the party, then rise for their first dance, again surrounded by candles.
Automats could be great equalizers because paupers and investment bankers might sit together at the same table.
So take a moment to pause and sit on your coccyx, the bone that was once a tail.
They sit balled up and stuffed into the one that hangs from the pantry door.
They are getting a little tired, so they sit down with you in the shade.
Others sit down together to play board or card games together.
Have the non-beggars sit down, as they have gone out hunting or are weak from starvation.
So the whole family could sit in the back seat and play games.
They sit up in their nests, hunched forward over their knees with heads bent down, and wait until the rain stops.
He hands me a cup of coffee and motions for me to sit beside him.
It's important, because this game is starting its life in the arcades, where you have a limited time to sit and play.
Sit outside that zone and you are likely to see a set of muddled images.
Second, choose vine-ripened fruit, which doesn't sit around as long.
It could be as late as spring before units sit on store shelves for more than a matter of seconds.
For them nothing was left but to sit in the shadow and wait.
To make an oil-collecting caisson, such a pile would be used as a collar around a funnel-topped tube that would sit over the leak.
The mirrors are placed in concentric semicircles facing a tower, on top of which the boiler and the turbine sit.
Workers go months without being paid, leading to frequent sit-ins or demonstrations.
The value of the land on which its stores sit is now thought to be higher than that of the company itself.
These sit in countries' reserves in proportion to their quotas.
It risks encouraging governments to sit back and let others do the work that they find too difficult themselves.
First, where the financial policemen sit matters less than hiring competent ones.
The cells actually collected by the needle sit in an insulated safe zone and are thus left alive.
So firms may well want to sit on their existing cash piles.
If they do move to urban areas with their parents, they may not sit exams for senior high school in the city where they live.
There is an eclectic mixture of old wooden tables to sit at, and pictures by local artists adorn the walls.
But the ambiguities of science sit uncomfortably with the demands of politics.
We sit on the terrace on a chilly autumn night, in the warm light spilling out from the windows.
And you cannot sit for the bar exam until you have finished law school.
When you sit on a committee, remember you are representing your department and your college-not yourself.
With the sugar they can sit in a tea shop for many days.
On the outer rim, dozens of amateurs sit pondering their replies until he completes the circuit.
Sit chatting with a friend, and the hours can zip by.
Morals and ethics change with time, and you dwell on those aspects that don't sit well in the current ethical landscape.
And by seeing where these sequences now sit, scientists can get a sense of the size of the breeding population back then.
Carolyn was asked to sit down in the chair and pick a treat from a tray of marshmallows, cookies, and pretzel sticks.
He started a kind of sit-down strike, and ended up in a mental hospital briefly.
His strength was in theoretical physics, but he was being forced to sit in a laboratory making thin films of beryllium.
He even fiddles with the balky machine while company executives sit all around him.
Nothing, on the evidence so far, seems to sit happily in this world.
So we've got to sit down with farmers who are growing the crops and figure out what would make sense.
US officials did not sit around and conspire to allow genocide to happen.
It is easier now than it was a decade ago to sit down at any machine, anywhere, and have an idea of how to make it go.
Drunks and addicts could sit on the stoops, but could not lie down.
They reside in the state of knowledge, judgment, and opinion of those who sit in the seat of authority.
Far from the grit of revolutionary unrest or the tumult of a natural disaster, average people sit, transfixed.
Offerings of cigarettes and sake sit beside incense burners.
To perform procedures, surgeons sit at a console across the room from the patient.
If the particle is too small and the depth too great, the particle will sit in the well and never adhere in the transfer.
The bacteria sit on an electrode--the anode--as they metabolize organic matter in an oxygen-devoid chamber.
And virtual machines of different customers sit on the same physical servers.
Applications for stretchable silicon circuits range from electrical sensors that sit on top of the brain to wearable solar cells.
Select your preferences by touch and sit back as the order goes straight to the kitchen.
Other retinal implants sit completely inside the eye, which can cause biocompatibility issues.
Typically, microelectronic circuit chips sit on substrates that are designed to conduct heat away from the circuit.
You'd think twice before sitting, and if you did sit you'd want to leave immediately.
He and his father sit side by side in the north stand, watching the curtain-raiser.
The truth is it's such a trope to sit around and bash your parents.
At parties he would sit silently and pick his cuticles.
Yeah, you might want to sit for a moment and soak that in.
He learned to shake and would reliably sit on command.
Will you find it useful the next time you and four friends sit down with a large pepperoni.
So sit back on your recliner, keep one hand in a bag of chips and another on the refresh button.
If you quickly sit down in a chair, you accelerate your brain.
It was exciting to sit and listen to all the buzz about this new, intermediate frontier.
Their eyes sit high up on their skulls, as is often the case for animals that spend a lot of time swimming.
As a scientist, the idea of having any scientific work withheld is one that does not sit well.
The teacher made me sit on the left hand, didn't stop the movement though.
The magnetic sense could sit anywhere in the body because the magnetic field penetrates the body.
If you have a lot of ground to cover and don't have time for a sit-down lunch, try some of the best stand-up pizza of your life.
It put tunes in my head that still sit up and sing there.
On the third day, sixty-three students joined the sit-in.
The point was to sit in your garden chair for four hours and watch the show on an array of television sets.
Sue would sit at one end of the seating area, two large facing sofas flanking her and a chair at the other end.
We sit in the family room, beneath a pitched roof and rafters.
Rarely was there a formal sit-down except for holidays, birthdays, or funerals.
She would sit alone among the spectators, betraying no emotion.

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