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My sister gets exasperated with having to repeat what she tells me so many times.
My sister and brother-in-law are suitably awestruck.
In the latest episode of scientific gene-twisting, a horse births a foal cloned as her genetic twin sister.
My husband refuses to play enabler, and my sister picks up on this and resents him for it.
At eight he would produce the gun when he wanted his sister to change the channel from a soap opera to a cartoon.
Tell me a tale about animals who really are people and make a sister sad.
My sister has bi-polar and my mom takes care of her now.
The former prime minister on his trial, how his sister could win the upcoming elections and when he will end his exile.
Instead, experts say, the skull likely belongs to a sister or precursor species to modern humans.
Even his sister tends to require more and increased stimuli for information to make an impact.
My little sister jumping out of her swing in mid air.
So he set his mind to create the game, and then me and my sister helped with the instructions.
My sister probably has borderline personality disorder.
My sister has the lesions that come with migraines and is an even more extreme case.
Not a severe case, but my sister had a pretty severe case.
It meant that he and his sister could play without getting in each other's way in the game.
However, my sister was a barefoot sprinter and high jumper in high school back in the seventies.
When my sister investigated she found that people were complaining then about the chemicals involved.
My sister ran into this in taking an online degree program.
By the time she finished grad school, both of her parents were incarcerated and she was caring for her half-sister.
Pizza is remembered from high school because my sister, two years older than me, could count on me to give her half of mine.
My step sister used to dry clean her expensive jeans to keep them nicer longer, but freezing them is ridiculous.
Propping is similar to tunnelling, and means that unviable units get financial support from sister companies.
Peeking into the diary of one's big sister typically led to a skirmish.
My father, my sister and several uncles and aunts have been alcoholics.
Chances are the people buying were the same seed company or a sister company that was also owned by the seed company.
Still the other toiled on, resting neither by night nor by day, that the sister might not want.
Her sister's presence in the household became a cause of difference between her and her husband.
But my joy at lording this status over my more academically talented sister was short-lived.
Your mom says you have to share half your profits with your sister.
Maybe everyone else felt as if they were sharing in my sister and new brother-in-law's happiness and not somehow intruding on it.
At his funeral, before the casket was closed, his sister managed to cut some locks of his hair.
Tells about a winter afternoon when the grandfather made a soup of lard and soy sauce for the author and her sister.
He was drinking tea, eating a baked apple, one of twelve my sister baked for him every ten days.
They wake up every morning and go to work, and they provided a great life for me and my sister.
One guy would go down, then his sister or his brother.
The cost to build that school with partial ice storage was comparative to a sister school constructed without storage.
Happened to my mom, according to family lore: my younger sister had a little brother who was stillborn.
For example, my sister sings opera, and she's really good.
My mom and my oldest sister have both had thyroid cancer that has been treated successfully.
My best friend had a dog who died from depression soon after the dog's sister died.
My sister and my mom, for instance-it's great to see how these books really draw mothers and daughters together.
Help for teens who have a brother or sister with cancer.
Choose a sister city of interest above to learn more about each city or to email us questions regarding membership.
He's merciless to his youngest sister, swatting at her vulnerable spots daily both verbally and physically.
She jealously punishes her sister by feeding her a sausage of human feces to protest her sister's larger portions of meat.

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