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The cost of doing business began to drop three years ago, driven by sinking supply and utility costs.
It is the sinking sense that there is no way to ever escape this story.
After that they're on their own, sinking or swimming each in his or her own way.
At the end of the day, it's only smart to look to leave a sinking ship.
But if someone seems hellbent on sinking his or her own career, it won't help you to join in on the downslide.
Egad, his system might actually become a revolution, sinking millions of careers of dinosaurs.
Modern philosophy appears to be sinking ever deeper into its navel-gazing irrelevance.
Due to the plodding geological shifts of the continents, the city is sinking at a rate of two and a half inches per decade.
Not all sailors liked the idea of sinking a warship on purpose.
It performed well in the playful waves, bobbing up and down without sinking.
We scrambled from the canoe and hustled through thick mud toward the tree, sinking at times to our knees.
She takes a huge breath before sinking below the water level.
Beset on all sides and sinking in the polls, he's not content to go out with a whimper.
The consequences of this for the act of writing are still sinking in.
Decades of inflation made private firms wary of sinking capital into long-term projects.
He also has little experience of righting sinking ships.
Lower returns and faltering reforms may make firms coy about sinking money into the ground.
Old houses carry their history in rotting beams, sinking floors and umpteen layers of wallpaper.
If you're a typical consumer, your electronic mailbox has been sinking under a steady stream of offers from on-line merchants.
Sinking agents means those additives applied to oil discharges to sink floating pollutants below the water surface.
The cold, sinking water eventually closes the conveyor belt by flowing southward and resurfacing.
In the area, small earthquakes have become common while ground levels are sinking.
At that level of density, sinking in quicksand is impossible.
However, without the reactor, the sub would not have had enough power to stop itself from sinking to the bottom.
Also, dry air is sinking back to the surface, warming in the process.
Even after his corpse was tossed overboard, some said it circled the boat three times before sinking.
She goes up to the deck, and soon figures out that the ship is sinking.
The sinking city faces rising seas and stronger hurricanes, protected only by dwindling wetlands and flawed levees.
Skies rapidly clear behind the disturbance because of the sinking air, which inhibits clouds and precipitation.
Nearly four days after their sinking a pilot happened to look down at the ocean and catch the glint of an oil ship on the sea.
Sinking motion tends to inhibit precipitation and storm formation.
In this sinking economy, the only good news for travelers is the strong dollar.
The sun was sinking fast and everything began to change.
It's possible to demean oneself by sinking to the level of those who promiscuously accept any sort of apology.
The combination of extra saltiness and cold temperatures makes the water especially dense--and especially prone to sinking.
She seemed to be sinking into the ice, which had turned into a pool of slush about six feet in diameter.
Without a sinking plate and melting rock, the volcanoes would run out of fuel.
Without this air, they were in danger of sinking and had trouble keeping their shells upright.
He was now barely arousable: his brain, battered by its mysterious malady, was sinking relentlessly into deeper levels of coma.
Also, life does a good job of sinking carbonates into the deep ocean.
And all the while they are getting heavier and sinking lower in the water.
And then again, since it doesn't seem to be sinking in.
If you enjoy sinking yourself into a role and not worrying about it being your face on-screen, this does offer you that.
Emergency responders in training rush to boat sinking.
With the markets sinking, a lot of retirees may be cutting back on charitable giving along with their discretionary spending.
The fuel will burn through the foundation of the plant, sinking into the ground and contaminating the water table.

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