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Example sentences for sinker

They'll fall for anything out there and they did, hook line and sinker.
Your ignorance on ethanol shows how you have sallowed big oil's propaganda hook, line and sinker.
Instead of thinking things through for themselves, they seem to believe the party line hook line and sinker.
Of course the naive and unserious pundits will buy it hook, line, and sinker.
Bottom rig using a slip sinker to reduce the weight a fish feels when taking the bait.
The smaller sinker has a buckskin thong that was attached to the net.
Most catfish are caught with the familiar hook, line and sinker method, but try jug fishing for catfish.
Use a short, stubby pole with a strong line with a sinker to get your bait near the bottom.
Use a sliding sinker for weight so that catfish can run with the bait without feeling resistance.
Use only as large a sinker as you need to keep your bait on the bottom.
When using a lot of weight, use a slip or egg sinker so the carp will not feel resistance when it takes the bait.
Uranium sinker bar means a weight containing depleted uranium used to pull a logging tool toward the bottom of a well.
Live bream are the bait of choice and are often fished on the bottom with a slip sinker rig.
But you take it hook, line and sinker that he was even a he.
Slide the bullet sinker onto the end of the fishing line.
Rig the other leader with a hook and bait or wet fly, then cast to the desired spot from shore and let the sinker reach bottom.
The tides are strong here, so a heavy sinker is necessary if you're bottom fishing.
He's a power pitcher who has learned to throw a sinker.
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