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Installing a vanity sink is fairly easy, but installing a freestanding one can be more challenging.
The heart of the system is a cleaning table complete with sink and cold-water supply.
NO one can accuse restaurant designers of throwing in everything but the bathroom sink.
Sometimes it takes the sheen of a consultant for the ideas to sink in.
The helicopter hovered above the surface for a moment, then crashed into the water and began to sink.
If milk starts to get too hot, cool it in sink of water.
Spheres heated to the point where they form a protective layer of bubbles sink faster through water than cooler spheres.
One strong detractor can sink an otherwise popular proposal.
The ten creatures in this game can be really tough to sink your teeth into.
Set coconuts, eyes down, in a colander set into sink to drain water.
The plan was for dense mud to sink through the oil and clog the bottom of the pipe.
The prime minister should do his bit for the building trade and order a bigger sink.
We didn't dare try to salvage the spilled grain, even though the sink was clean.
But those second acts don't always sink to the level of cliché.
Because once you sink to this level of behavior there is not turning back.
Which makes the lottery another kind of sink: a sink of emotional energy.
The longer you work with it, and live with it, the more it will sink in.
They are so large that they can overwhelm and sink even the sturdiest ships.
Let you feet sink down and then try wiggling your toes.
Double-hung windows above the sink allow in air and light.
Your loose lips may sink your ship as well as theirs.
Even whales killed with a perfect shot often float beyond reach of the hunter's hook and sink.
Some people do not get this and throw everything and the kitchen sink at it.
To model how flames turn buildings into ashes, the nation's leading fire researchers don't play with matches over the sink.
They can be washed in a bathroom sink and dry overnight.
Many pundits say that these two problems are enough to sink his chances.
When you add the salt, blobs of oil attach to the grains and sink.
Air bags in each seat sink and rise to capture the sensation of extreme acceleration.
Poverty will rise as they sink into informal work or move back to the land.
Remember, boats are usually designed to float on top of the water-not to sink below it.
If the sub were to sink in shallow water then it could cause some real damage to the ecosystem.
It's so obvious looking back on it, but it took a while to sink in.
Another favoured sink for the world's riches is property.
If you sink a billion into the pacific and repeat the same error a second time this is usually called sabotage.
Spheres heated to the point where they form a protective layer of bubbles sink fas.
The real time sink isn't preparing the information in a new format.
Though it's tempting to bring the kitchen sink on your trip, don't.
Instead it leads to surface collapse and sink holes.
Their solution to the island's endemic leprosy was to load all the sufferers on to a boat and sink it.
Some stand out of kilter as the piles that support them gradually sink into the marshy subsoil.
Eventually, one of the students can explain it in his or her own words, and it begins to sink in for the others.
Moreover, blocking the warmer air causes the temperatures to sink even lower, causing more polar atmospheric clouds to form.
Problems with animation, of course, shouldn't be enough to sink a film.
The big time sink in my experience was putting out fires.
Decide how much effort and money you want to sink into your hobby.
Make sure your dude's a catch before you sink your hooks in real deep.
When these algae die, they sink to the bottom of the ocean.
Or they caused a ship to sink due to poor construction.
It takes a long time for that water to be replaced and in the mean time, the ground can sink down causing damage to buildings.
Ocean currents carrying heat to the poles need the polar ice to chill the water and cause it to sink and flow back to the equator.
If you do, you sink or swim in the first next delivery.
The spider might not sink to the bottom because it might not be denser than water, but it probably would become submerged.
After several weeks of coming home to an offer-less mailbox, my hopes started to sink.
And as application procedures grow more stringent, the quality of successful projects is likely to sink.
Many students make those self-discoveries during the dissertation phase, but the insights can take a while to sink in.
Cold weather causes surface waters to become dense and sink, displacing lower layers.
The city's small wooden homes were built on pilings to keep them from melting the permafrost, which would cause them to sink.
When they tried to gaff it, they discovered that the thing was a giant squid-which then tried to sink their boat.
Since your toilet can't flush toilet paper, put the bucket with all the crapped-on toilet paper under the sink.
Sunlight filled the kitchen from the big window behind the sink.
She rinsed out the rag she'd been using and hung it on the rack inside the door under the sink.
Our sink was freestanding, white porcelain with piano legs.
It is easy to quickly sink to the lowest form of political debate.
Even within the existing network, many neighborhoods have service only occasionally, and the valley's aquifer continues to sink.
The human body is three times denser than avalanche debris and will sink quickly.
As phytoplankton die, some slowly sink, decomposing along the way and carrying nutrients to the deep ocean.
Near high-pressure systems, air tends to sink, which discourages clouds from forming.
The finished ant raft is quite buoyant, as the researchers found out after attempting to sink a raft with a twig, pictured above.
And pill users who dispose of unused pills down the sink could be adding to the problem.
It took his words a moment to really sink in, and when they did, they cut straight to my heart.
The players wouldn't sink into a jiggling vat of goo.
Take it off the heat and sink the pan in a larger pan of cold water to cool it as quickly as possible.
The world will sink under the burden of mental dead weights such as yourself.
If one of them sinks the rest are going to sink with them and if one floats the rest are lifted up.
The day and night ebb and flow exist but keep in mind that the planet is also a heat sink.
Now the attempt to return to obvious falsehoods of religion, will only sink us in terms of world standards.
It leaves waxy residue that can either be skimmed from the surface or sink to the bottom of the ocean.
It's also one of such recognizably serious concerns that you can sink into it with pleasure and count it a cultural achievement.
In effect, we're washing the whole nation's salad in one big sink.
When there was more alcohol in the opposite bottle, it would sink and start heating up to reverse the process.
The elegant graphics and pleasing music make it an effortless time sink.
Developers normally have to build that infrastructure themselves, often a huge time sink.
Partially close the shut-off valve below the sink and time it again.
And sharks have an added burden: they sink when they stop swimming, so they must be in constant motion.
Well, no real reason, but sometimes you have to let things sink in.
When a toilet is flushed or a sink is turned on, the sensor detects the characteristic change in pressure.
The circulating water draws heat from the material and transfers it to a heat sink.
Heat-pumps then extract more energy from the incoming air stream using the partially warmed exiting air stream as the heat sink.
Air tends to sink near high-pressure centers, which inhibits precipitation and cloud formation.
Whenever what ever is pushing the air up stops pushing, the air will sink.
That's caused it to sink in value, prompting the central bank's action last week.
As density increases, it will sink and water with less salinity will rise to the surface.
There is a certain peace about that experience, if you let it sink in.
The arrest is going to sink his free agent value, not that he had much.
Paying too much or underestimating the cost to make a place rentable can sink even cautious investors.
Elsewhere he is permitted to stop up his ears and sink into willful ignorance.
It gives him shape, explains him, demarcates the upper limit of what he can imagine and the depth to which he can sink.
For example, an official met for the first time may abruptly sink his fingers into your neck.
But he insists on doing it over the sink because he doesn't want anybody to know.
Take your hair straightener out of the bathroom, and plug it in near the kitchen sink.
But it was once they'd gotten the steer home that the real challenges of what they'd undertaken began to sink in.
Some of the samples sat in freezers, others under the sink, and still others in water baths maintained at various temperatures.
To set his yeast along that path, all he had to do was to let them sink.
On the other hand, the cold core should function more effectively as a heat sink, so it shouldn't get as hot.
That's an experiment you can do in your kitchen sink.
And instead of having an old sink-plunger doubling as its arm, their robot has a useful set of grippers.
Highly leveraged funds sink quickly in such choppy markets.
There is strong social pressure not to sink back into old habits.
The rest of the industry would be free to swim-and to sink.
Tens of millions of people remain stuck in a sink of feudalism, repression and hunger.
The anti-ship ballistic missile is a new weapon designed to sink a moving large ship.
But now their relations are going to sink to a new low.
For the idea to work, some of it would have to sink to the ocean floor and stay there.
Home prices have been in decline for five years and continue to sink.
While some people afflicted with it adjust and even come to enjoy their peaceful living conditions, others sink into deep funks.
The sink height also adjusts, with space under it so a wheelchair can roll up to it.
The viewer doesn't know it yet, but he's looking up from inside the drain of a bathroom sink.
Now, there is a crisis you can sink your teeth into.
But the occasional grumbles could never sink the enthusiasm of my neighbors.
Speaking of being athletic, there's a scene in the movie on a golf course where you sink a hole in one.
We've already seen some of this throwing-the-kitchen-sink-at-the-problem approach over the past year.
Others sink much deeper, sobering up only after years of lost jobs, busted relationships and wrecked cars.

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