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The well-conditioned thin are made furious by the fatties-the abstemious being singularly disposed to fury.
It's a singularly inaptly chosen quote if the intent is to discredit his logical skills.
It is singularly well done-quite a model of précis, with a little expatiation and ornament betraying the poet's hand.
Deceptively simple in plot and singularly musical in its voice, it is a study of the place where our past becomes our present.
However, such claims are not that different from those made three years ago-which singularly failed to bear fruit.
He used singularly awkward, almost absurd up-and-down and sidewise movements of his body to give emphasis to his arguments.
He used singularly awkward, almost absurd, up-and-down and sidewise movements of his body to give emphasis to his arguments.
But when the moment arrived at the weekend, administration officials conceded, the timing was singularly inopportune.
His third directorial try subsequently sealed his reputation as a singularly gifted musical director.
Bull thistle flowers heads usually are found singularly at the end of each stem branch.

Famous quotes containing the word singularly

It seems, Euphranor..., that there is nothing so singularly absurd as we are apt to think, in the belief of... more
Christianity was only a very strong and singularly well-timed Salvation Army movement that happened to rece... more
Imagine my surprise, nay, my consternation, when without moving from his privacy, Bartleby in a singularly ... more
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