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While odd sounding, this is actually closer to their original state of having more ordinary singular locations.
Singular had once the strong meaning that unique has still in accurate but not in other writers.
Colloquial use is clearly moving toward the singular construction, though, however illogical it may be.
The sources of hatred and violence are many, not singular.
It's the plural and clangs discordantly against the singular verb.
Their faces tell stories of faith amid adversity, urban hustle and optimism, and a singular flair for fashion.
For singular stars such as our sun, however, the situation is much trickier.
Most of them are apparently driven by the singular vision of a single pastor.
The album manifests no singular musical vision, but rather, eclecticism.
They create memorable movies and singular buildings.
Books are creative endeavors as individual and singular as any work of art.
It was watching her singular exceptionalism with the basketball.
The singular advantage of the euro is its simplicity for commerce.
Singular stars shine strong in this infrared image of the same globular cluster.
But no game has truly captured the singular feeling of smacking someone in the face with a piece of your house.
Because that reigning self-expressive singular voice mode of writing ruled too much out.
Unite for one singular cause at a time, and change will come easier.
And the true booty is the camaraderie that comes with joining a select clan of people who step up to such a singular challenge.
Following this, having to address a singular topic with full attention might leave one feeling underutilized or bored.
Its several political parties and the maze of their tribal ramifications promised a situation of singular confusion.
It's the singular place where my wildest dreams have been shown a playground for possibility.
Languages also differ in the ways they distinguish between singular and plural nouns.
The bony growth from the back of its head was a singular feature.
Again it is not the singular event that indicates an effect of global warming.
These tall, singular landforms are also called pyramidal peaks.
We will never survive unless such a singular religion of human survival evolves.
The need to construct a singular democracy is inherent to the revolution.
There are two words and either of them can be plural or singular.
Certain combinations of clothing might stand out even if no singular item does.
From a wide range of professions, they have one thing in common: devotion to a singular ambition.
Next you'll allow plural pronouns with singular antecedents.
The leaders are self-appointed, hold singular authority to determine right and wrong and stand in absolute judgement of everyone.
At the risk of usurping the pedant's position--hum is the singular object pronoun that replaces him or her.
Point out that the word is the same in both the singular and plural forms.
But the sensibility, the tone, is plural rather than singular.
But its singular history has been a curse as much as a blessing.
They might find our singular ideas inappropriate for them.
The result was a singular visual style that shifts radically in crucial moments of the film.
Our race's singular characteristic is zeal for destroying the real for the unreal.
We've subdued the monster by dividing it into six regions, each with its own singular brand of wild beauty and adventure.
Instead gravity would squeeze it down much further, perhaps even to a singular point.
Ranching is the big moneymaker here, lending a singular saddle-meets-surfboard vibe.
Yet the ocean is singular, for it is the culmination of all water that flows in the world.
Customers made decisions based on more than rate, more than space, more than a singular offer.
My own interpretation is that the state of mirrored, directionally split, light of undetected photons is singular.
So much of life, for human and finch alike, comes down to music-and that singular gift of listening and learning.
This, perhaps arguably, is the singular characteristic of human consciousness.
Avoid, above all, the sort of scrambled syntax that people adopt because they cannot bring themselves to use a singular pronoun.
Perhaps one day the majority will decide that subject and verb need not agree, that a singular subject can take a plural verb.
He had a singular way of creating a mood with light and shadow, and he fills this painting with a glow from a window.
It was a singular expression of national grief and in some ways a peculiar one.
Each country faced a different version, his proper upheaval and singular twists and turns.
It'll come down to: voters, do you want singular federal management of all aspects of health care for all citizens, or not.
Looking at the labour market, it has some singular features.
Nevertheless, the butane kitchen torch does its singular job well.
But her more serious obsession is with the animal's singular mind and behavior.
These games come from some of the medium's true auteurs, designers who put their singular marks on everything they touch.
But the temptation of a discovery so singular and profound, at last overcame the suggestions of alarm.
But such transformation calls for singular wisdom and patience.
Curiously enough, the word was almost invariably used in the singular.
It is sadly curious to observe how slight a taste of office suffices to infect a poor fellow with this singular disease.
The beginning of the end can be traced to a singular occurrence.
Marlboro, whose fifty-ninth session gets under way next week, is a singular phenomenon.
Despite this, the writer and her father had a singular bond.
One thing that fascinates me is why our mind is such a singular, serial processor.
It was an event so singular that every accomplishment ever since has been compared to it.
The ability to form an average-mate template would have conveyed a singular survival advantage.
What this suggests is there many not be a singular bottom level.
The problem is that for point charges the local electric field is singular.
Meanwhile, our understanding of nature continued its singular explosion.
They began divvying up the work that would be needed to make this singular dream come true.
The well of natural selection is not quite tapped out simply by models of positive selection drawing upon singular new mutations.
There is generally no need to write in the singular and the plural tense.

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