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Strategies are not to be used singly-good readers do not read a book and only make predictions.
Equally useful in groups as an informal screen or singly in a mixed shrub border.
Use japonicas singly, as accents, or train them against a fence or wall as espaliers.
Less gregarious than other nuthatches, the white-breasted nuthatch is typically seen singly or in pairs.
The colors of these bracelets coordinate beautifully together or can be worn singly.
Migration: migrates in spring singly or in small groups, unlike the rose-breasted, which sometimes migrates in large flocks.
It consists, as is well known, of a number of syllable sounds which are spoken singly or are combined in twos.
Act singly, and what you have already done singly will justify you now.
Together they dared and accomplished what would have remained impossible for them singly.
Later in the afternoon they began to fly to the fishing-grounds, and back and forth, singly and in small groups.
They are never found above the level of the knee or in the forefoot, and may occur singly or in multiples.
Trees appeared in groups and singly, revolving coolly and blandly, displaying the latest fashions.
Since estrogen is often paired with progestin, many studies have compared the effect of the hormones singly and in combination.
People, whether singly or in organizations, will ever strive to pay as little in taxes as possible.
Top universities, singly or together, may start developing tests of their own.
Whereas misfortunes that came singly might not prove fatal, those that come in combination often prove overwhelming.
Fatal attacks were more common when people traveled singly or in pairs.
The newest strategies can be used singly or in combination.
Singly, they may be innocuous, but collectively they become a dead weight around the play's neck.
Singly would allow you to funnel over your data that already exists in your social networks and purchase histories.
Pair-housed siblings exhibited higher preference for alcohol, but not saccharin, than singly housed voles.
In both cities, however, interventions were used singly rather than as a combined approach.
Washoe learned many signs, using them singly and in combinations that appeared to be sentences.
She walks by a rink and sees the skaters, singly and in pairs, moving with surprising grace.
Surgical infection prevention measures reduce postoperative infections when used together, but not singly.

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