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There are three main theories of the origins of singing and dancing.
Their bare-bones playing was matched by their singing.
Think of the torch singer who is singing straight to you, out in the audience.
Someone usually had a guitar, and a few would join in singing.
He went to a hippie type coffee shop where she was singing to see her.
Painted on the box were pictures of people dancing, holding hands and singing.
In reading accounts, there are frequent mentions of campfire singing.
And suddenly the music was much richer for the drama that the singing actors were caught in.
There is wide variation in the singing ability of wood thrushes.
The morning sound of devotional singing is followed by the rush of water.
The pair found that some of the songbirds' wing-or dance-movements appear to make their singing flow more easily.
Singing males are generally easy to see in a variety of habitats, from open coniferous forests to montane riparian areas.
They preferred that she stay in school, and would actually beat her when they knew she had been out singing.
The people who live on the hill above where our camp was that night had come down and were singing and dancing in our honor.
Shining backwards, singing downwards towards horizons blue and bay.
Knitting and withal singing, and it seemed that her voice comforted her hands to work.
The singing-robes of balladry are here in rags, and tawdry rags too.
Singing on the gesture of inhalation is a great illusion in singing.
Dances of re-enactment and fireside singing evolved soon after.
But they were stymied because surgically removing either region prevented the birds from singing at all.
Psych-folk weirdos roll down the street in a shopping cart singing garbled vocals into cardboard cups.
People lose weight, but then those foods are singing to them in the night.
She is now celebrated for her singing abilities, and rightly so.
All the people whose insides have been torn out by misery identify with her, and she is singing for all of them.
In effect, it means that everyone is singing for something different.
No less significant were his genial, gravel-voiced vocals, which laid the foundation for all subsequent pop singing.
Singing should have been her salvation, and perhaps it was.
People used to make music together, singing in churches, playing in bands.
Amused by his bad singing, she began to have fun playing the temptress.
On one hand, there is nothing extraordinary about this style of singing.
Professional singing was one of the possible careers he had contemplated.
It's also home to a kaleidoscope of ethnic minorities, usually depicted as singing and dancing in colorful tribal costumes.
And this baritone serenely removes the scarf, stamps it out, and continues singing as if nothing were wrong with the world.
So then he decided to become a country-and-Western singing star.
She describes her singing as a talkative kind of singing.
Eating it was a way of celebrating myself, of singing myself.
One group has a transistor, another makes its own music, clapping hands and singing.
But any voice singing out of tune is quickly silenced.
Sometimes they seemed to be singing, sometimes there were shouts.
They were literally singing for their supper, for without the right to inherit, they were a burden on their families.
For example, individual crickets may behave differently at different times-singing today and silent tomorrow.
And in every culture, music forms a social cement for dancing, for singing.
It should have been more about how marine mammals communicated with high pitched sonar ie the beautiful singing voice.
The exact lyrics are a bit off-color for this blog, but the two singing clowns certainly ask some valid questions.
The same goes, of course, for any sparrow hen who fails to respond to potential mates singing the correct tune.
Some insist on standing at attention when singing it.
Our focus is art and painting and dress-up and singing.
Which hasn't stopped the losing side from singing the chain-gang blues.
But studio memos and production reports make it clear that she did her own singing.
Oh, singing, because it's easy and you do it with other people.
Get ready to groove with two discs filled with high-energy, lively songs designed for singing and dancing.
Singing is something that someone can fix, work on and eventually make better.

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