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The steps vary from place to place, but the dancers all carry lanterns or fans and they also sing.
As part of rookie hazing, he was ordered to sing during a meal.
For instance, the freshmen always sing a single song, while the sophomores always sing a medley.
Something to think about when next you are tempted to sing in the bath.
Those who live near nightingale nests know all too well that the males often sing all night.
Part of their appeal as pets is their ability to sing lower notes than smaller birds and so better reproduce human voices.
Tribal members would sing it when their loved ones were away.
Teams of workers sing along with a straining boom box.
In any given year, all the males in a population sing the same song, but the songs change from year to year.
There may be a benediction, and a choir may dutifully sing.
Cardinals are active songbirds and sing a variety of different melodies.
The males sing to their partners, and the two share a nest and clean each other's feathers.
They are apt to sing anytime and anyplace they happen to be.
Once upon a time, humans could not hold conversations or sing songs together.
For its part, there isn't much in gene propagation to make the heart sing.
Monkeys suffer the same fate only rarely, but then again they can't sing or dance.
Songbirds sing to entice mates, and the timing of those songs is often regulated by sunlight.
My father was a professional musician who used to sing and play the violin.
Among temperate species, usually only the males sing.
The place closes around me and makes me safe and makes me want to sing.
It was only recently that it was discovered that mice sing to each other.
If the bird happened to sing that note lower, the scientists kept the noise coming.
All one had to do was have the elders pray over you, sing gospel music and read a few scriptures-talk about a simple program.
It is amazing how tone-deafness can actually make someone think they can sing.
Even though birds sing and bees dance, nothing in nature matches a human's richly complicated system of vocal communication.
And some parts of the world sing louder than others.
It is an entrepreneurial sing that works well independently.
Choose which song you want to sing along with, toggling the recorded lyrics on and off.
Someone whose quest for knowledge makes his or her heart sing.
Her versatility and talent enables her to sing many styles of music, and her stage presence makes her the complete entertainer.
If you make your prose sing and dance and someone else calls it art, so be it.
And when they got paid off by big money, they sing different tunes than the more honest ones.
It's a lot harder to work up the courage to sing about something.
Punk rock arrived, short-haired and anti-fantastical: no longer was it cool to sing about wizards.
Then she began to move her head from side to side, and sing.
She was a cheerful, hearty soul, and it was no more trouble for her to laugh than it is for a bird to sing.
Where rocks sing, ants swim, and plants eat animals.
The males are the ones that sing, and they often do so in large choruses to attract the silent females.
In order to sing, a songbird makes the two sides of its lungs open and close.
Although the cardinal can be secretive and remain hidden in thickets, males usually sing from exposed perches.
Also, the still water serves as a mirror for the tree, and its reflection is what makes the photograph sing.
Sometimes you have to go back again and again to capture that remarkable detail that makes the shot sing.
During the pageantry, they tell traditional stories and sing to honor their ancestors.
Part of the trouble seems that officials charged with the protection of nature do not always sing from the same song sheet.
Shapes emerge from the chaos, and the shapes begin to sing.
The type to sing along with those far worse gone than himself, with the idea of gaining advantage over them in their weakness.
Thousands lined the streets to wave farewell and sing the old anthems and hymns.
He can still sing, a little, though he may not make it through a set without exiting the stage to go heave in an alley.
She has the ability to sing elaborate phrases while accompanying herself on the violin, creating a riveting and intense spectacle.
We keep private journals, sing in the privacy of the shower, and write letters to secret lovers and then burn them.
Next time you're trapped in a sing-along bar, don't panic.
Someone else suggested entering floats in town parades, so that members could sing patriotic songs from them.
Bosses may sing a pretty song about innovation being the future.
In the early years, he had employees sing revolutionary songs.
Free traders will sing the high praises of globalization.
But some of the hottest singers can't actually sing.
Picking a song that you sing well is harder than picking the song that's good for you.
In the case of sing praise different individuals are likely to arrive at different provisional results.
Three tongues of water sing around it with snow from the mountains.
The postwar record world is coming in on the wings of an old-fashioned hymn sing.
Their breath turns white in the winter air as they light candles, swap stories and sing songs.
While his followers sing along, he executes choreographed jumps, leaps and twists that the faithful try to copy.
Nobody, the show made clear, had any idea they could sing.

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