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Example sentences for sinful

There is little or nothing you can do besides recognize your sinful nature and spread the news to as many as will hear it.
Critical thinking is discouraged being called prideful or sinful or rebellious.
Of course religious leaders have a right to speak and lobby against whatever they consider sinful.
They exaggerate how sinful they were before they were born again.
It's message about life was as profound and simple, yet hidden by the sinful goodness of the candy.
Because it's so darn unintuitive, it's farcical, if not outright sinful.
It does not apply to single people, who are presumably less sinful.
But there are jobs aplenty which involve doing illegal and hateful things to one's fellow citizens and living a sinful life.
Such cold blooded and sinful genocide of the unborn cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.
He is the same in knowledge, and cannot forget sinful acts.
Wherever you are, never suffer any one to detract or say any thing sinful in your presence.
When home, he demands that the family quit it's sinful, secular ways.
Rhoda believes that she is the cause because of her sinful past, and she confesses to the crowd.
Any form of worldliness is sinful such as dress, education, office holding to pursue honors or high dignity.
Made-from-scratch food that can be described either as heavenly or sinful.

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