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Example sentences for sinewy

Once the picker had roared past, he studied the sinewy.
Then my sinewy bearers toss me into the cold water and the splashing begins.
And he noticed that natural construction tends to favor sinewy materials such as wood, muscle, and tendon.
He called for the basketball again, motioning wildly to his teammates, flapping his sinewy arms.
It is not unlike watching the sinewy but languorous.
These songs are dense and sinewy and largely move at a furious pace.
And the arms, while never pythons, were once sinewy cobras that could have belonged to a dancer.
Once the picker had roared past, he studied the sinewy stalks.
There was still that sweet, sinewy flick of the wrist and the long follow-through and the controlled rotation on the ball.
When the trees on the site are bare, you can see the monument's sinewy topknot from far away.
They're so sinewy and commonplace, they hardly get noticed.
It had short sleeves, and his sinewy forearms were hairy.
It was fine to see the speed and sinewy ease with which the choppers cleared an open space for the tents.
The ab on the upper right is taut and sinewy thanks to middle school.
With his sinewy frame and full head of salt-and-pepper hair, he looked younger than his age.
He was tall and lanky, with thin shoulders that drooped a little bit and a neck that was long and sinewy in his younger days.
Ledger magically and mysteriously disappears beneath the skin of his lean, sinewy character.
Its sinewy, smooth gray bark adds real interest, and the leaves are attractive in summer and fall.
They were long sinewy creatures with long leg muscles carved in interesting shapes.
The verse has the sinewy vigor and sonorous chime which generally distinguish his style.
His hair was snow-white, his eyes bluish-gray,and his form sinewy and elastic.

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