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He smears bitumen from an old car battery onto the end of the shaft, heats it again, and binds twine made of kudu sinew around it.
It's a complicated, messy piece of anatomy, with sinew and hide hanging off one end.
Every movement was sure and purposeful as they approached in a rippling of sinew and muscle.
There was a fresh leg with sinew and bones but no flesh.
The mountains-which look as if they've been skinned, showing vein and sinew-break the eerie flatness.
The tough skin on the outside of large fillet should be removed, also the sinew from mignon fillet.
In them, the dancer regains her human flesh and sinew.
The ship is the heart and sinew of all who sail in her.
His bold, simple lines pop from the page, and he doesn't overembellish or weigh down his drawings with too much sinew.
Then add to that, legs with no flesh, muscle or sinew and you have a recipe for disaster.
He was strangled with a cord of sinew, which left clear marks around his neck.
The full length of the bow is wrapped in canvas with a wrapping of red trade cloth and sinew at the handle.
Now, let's move from the brawn and sinew of machine tools on to the brains.
Ancient people also used human hair and animal sinew.
Their stories add the flesh and sinew to the bare bones of historical timelines and genealogical charts.
Shallow grooves are cut in the shaft, in which the feathers have been glued and sinew wrapped.
Bows were constructed from juniper limbs with deer sinew bowstrings.
Have them tie the sinew or leather onto the pointed shaft end of the feather.
String a few beads onto the sinew or leather and tie off.
Wrappings will include muslin and tapa cloth and coconut fiber sinew.
There was blubber also hanging on a sinew rope, similar to the one already described, which was stretched between two stakes.
It carried a head about three inches long which was set in the cleft of the shaft and wound with sinew.
They did use bowstrings made of elk sinew that had been extracted and treated.
Sinew is the fibrous tissue which runs next to the spine and down the legs of four footed animals.
The arrows were then fixed with three feathers glued on with pine pitch and lashed with sinew.
They fastened the head to the shaft by a plaited line made from sinew, and tied a marking buoy to the end of the line.
He took his awl and sinew and patched the cuts that the spirit bull's hooves had made.
These were tanned and sewn together with sinew of different animals to make the tipi's cover.

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