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He wrote scholarly papers, jousted in the departmental lists, aspired to the sinecure of tenure.
Many of the comments put forward interesting ideas about how to provide security without creating a sinecure.
The message boards erupted in panic, some of it from veteran players who didn't want to lose their sinecure.
Being bumped out of such a sinecure is cruel punishment.
As several thousand pounds arc seized each week, it is to be presumed that their office is not a sinecure.
Success would qualify her for a lifetime sinecure teaching at a lycée, and liberate her from her family.
It may be that he shall have a sinecure for life if the students choose to vote their disapproval with their feet.
There is no magic relief number that is a sinecure for a solution.
Even when they're in raving bounty, as they are this year, gathering beach plums is no sinecure.
The something appeared vaguely to his imagination as a private secretaryship or a sinecure of some sort.
Tenure is no sinecure, despite what its critics in state government might think.
Unless you're politically clever and have already found a sinecure.
In those days, the duties of the monks were no sinecure.

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