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Nevertheless, in a free society the right to pursue one's own notions of happiness is a sine qua non.
The hung parliament, a sine qua non, did in fact happen.
But voters' ability to throw the rascals out at regular intervals is still the indispensable sine qua non.
Both are sine qua non for citizens to have a decent standard of living and avoid the squalor of poverty.
Thus, punishing wrong doers is not a sine qua non for ever lasting peace.
For junior faculty members, complaining to each other is a sine qua non of the tenure track.
In fact, fit is the sine qua non, the factor that ultimately separates the well-suited candidate from the merely well prepared.
It seems foolish to return to a graduate program, unless an advanced degree is a sine qua non for these positions.
Keeping one's money actually could be said to be the sine qua non for life, liberty, and happiness.
She believed that marriage equality was the sine qua non of the civil rights movement.
Military service, once deemed a sine qua non for presidential candidates, is also no longer discussed much.
Such a capacity is a sine qua non of all serious art.
Health, by definition, is the sine qua non of everything else.
But this film unfolds in an uncommonly sweet, harmonious climate, one in which rude remarks are the sine qua non of friendship.
Brevity is the soul of wit, the sine qua non of lingerie, the judicious use of words that cover more ground than they occupy.
It's the sine qua non for any other reforms anyone might want to implement.

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