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Sine many are on the subject of biting, im hoping that someone may have a suggestion.
For junior faculty members, complaining to each other is a sine qua non of the tenure track.
Keeping one's money actually could be said to be the sine qua non for life, liberty, and happiness.
History has already repeated itself sine then, in spite of worldwide knowledge of it.
Nevertheless, in a free society the right to pursue one's own notions of happiness is a sine qua non.
Military service, once deemed a sine qua non for presidential candidates, is also no longer discussed much.
Such a capacity is a sine qua non of all serious art.
The white and yellow sine waves in the sculpture are actually fluorescent lights.
The power of heat input during the day depends on local albedo and the sine of the angle of the incident solar irradiance.
Here is a plot of the sine of theta as a function of theta.
There on the screen, a continuous sine curve pulsed, and a new era began.
With some simple geometry, you find that the length of the rope should be the strand length times the sine of this angle.
But voters' ability to throw the rascals out at regular intervals is still the indispensable sine qua non.
Population trends are not straight line, but closer to a sine curve.
Both are sine qua non for citizens to have a decent standard of living and avoid the squalor of poverty.
Thus, punishing wrong doers is not a sine qua non for ever lasting peace.
Every sound wave is actually composed of numerous sine waves, each of which can be easily described mathematically.
They then fit a smooth sine wave to the data points, to get the solid wavy line.
Across the canyon, a sine wave snakes across a boulder.
Those detections come about as plots of sine waves and wiggly lines.
Health, by definition, is the sine qua non of everything else.
But this film unfolds in an uncommonly sweet, harmonious climate, one in which rude remarks are the sine qua non of friendship.
The sine curve may be descending, but there are loopholes in it nonetheless.

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