sincerely in a sentence

Example sentences for sincerely

What completes the misfortune of the habitual sinner is, that few who have fallen into that gulf ever sincerely rise again.
But, it is not acceptable in an intelligent discussion to use harsh language regarding the sincerely-held views of others.
In a series of meetings with opposition leaders, they have insisted that they sincerely want an early return to civilian rule.
The caretaker prime ministers are broadly popular and generally regarded as sincerely committed to reform.
People can sincerely disagree, and you should not prejudge my motives.
When you admit sincerely that you are indeed guilty.
We are sincerely grateful to all of you who have joined us in print and online.
It's a phrase, when used sincerely with eye contact, that diffuses a lot of tense situations in life.
They were horrified by violence and sincerely wanted the war to end.

Famous quotes containing the word sincerely

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